John Cena: 6 Fascinating Things To Know About The WWE Wrestler Turned Actor


John Cena has been captivating wrestling fans for nearly 20 years now, and has recently become a bankable star in Hollywood.

The Harry Potter Cast Are Returning To Their Roles, But Not How You'd Think


What could bring together Lucius Malfoy and Ginny Weasley? Read ahead to find out.

Why Linda Hamilton Had To Push Back On Terminator: Dark Fate’s Script


The actress wasn’t one to mince words.

There Was Interest In Another Stargate Movie, But Here’s Where We’re At Now


I'd say what the frak, but that's the wrong franchise.

5 DC Characters Tom Hardy Would Be Perfect As (That Aren't Bane)


When you think of Bane, you think of Tom Hardy, but what other DC characters might the actor remind you of?

Aladdin 2: What We Know So Far About The Live-Action Disney Sequel


We'll return to a whole new world in Aladdin 2.

Peninsula: 5 Things We Want To See From The Train To Busan Sequel


We cannot wait to see Peninsula, the follow up to the hit zombie film, Train To Busan.

Parasite's Peach Scene Was Based On A Real Thing That Happened To Bong Joon-Ho's Friend


The Oscar-winning filmmaker explains one inspiration from Parasite.

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