13 Great Movies Heading To Netflix In January


Netflix's got a hell of a line-up heading our way in January, and you can see the best of the next, inside.

The Time Wil Wheaton Wore A Star Trek Uniform To A Star Wars Premiere


Dressing up to see a big movie is fun, and it turns out there's no rule that you have to dress for the movie you're seeing.

How James Gunn Feels About The Disney And Fox Deal


Fox's Marvel characters are heading over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this is how James Gunn feels about having even more characters to work with.

To 3D Or Not To 3D - Buy The Right Star Wars: The Last Jedi Ticket


For those of you wondering if it's worth laying aside extra money to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 3D, we have you covered.

How The Last Jedi Changes The Way We Think About Star Wars


With Star Wars: The Last Jedi now in theaters, Rian Johnson's first outing in the franchise has completely upended the ways we think about the galaxy far, far away. Here's how.

Should We Believe What Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tells Us About Rey's Parents?


As we expected, Star Wars: The Last Jedi had something big to say about Rey's mysterious parentage. But should we really trust it? We break things down, inside.

How Much Star Wars: The Last Jedi Made On Opening Night


Box office predictions for this weekend are pretty bananas, and it's just been revealed how much money The Last Jedi made in its Thursday opening evening.

That Time Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher Made Out During Star Wars Filming


Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa share a few kisses in Star Wars, and it turns out that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher once did some of their own kissing off-camera.

Star Wars: Episode 9 - What We Know So Far


Star Wars: Episode IX isn't planned until 2019, but it's never too early to look forward to what the Star Wars galaxy will be bringing to our movie screens.

How IT 2 Should Use The Losers Club Kids, According To The Cast


CinemaBlend recently sat down with members of the IT cast to ask how they would want to appear in the 2019 sequel.

Watch Macaulay Culkin Wrestle Using Home Alone Tactics In A Christmas Match


Macaulay Culkin took part in a wrestling match using some of the most iconic traps from Home Alone, and the video of the event is every 1990s kid's Christmas dream come true.

What Really Happened With Superman's Black Suit In Justice League


Despite teases during production, Superman's black suit was nowhere to be found in Justice League. Was it a victim of the reshoots? Here's what went down.

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