This Week in Tickets: 7 October 2019 - 13 October 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There's a part of me that wants to apologize for pages with this much white on them, but you can't treat your hobby like it's a job. I am kind of in a bad cycle of staying up too late, using too much caffeine to get through the workday and not re...

Uzumaki Teaser: Adult Swim Brings Terrifying Horror Manga to Life



The anime series will be based on Junji Ito's horror manga series The post Uzumaki Teaser: Adult Swim Brings Terrifying Horror Manga to Life appeared first on

Fantasia 2019.16: Night God, Human Lost, and Koko-di Koko-da

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another day with no guests, and a break taken for dinner because it looked like Jessica Forever would bump right up against Human Lost, and when you're here for the duration, you can choose which time you watch certain movies in DeSeve. Not that the...

Fantasia 2019.11: Cencoroll Connect, Boxer's Omen, Purity of Vengeance, Dance with Me, and Satanic Panic

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not a whole lot of guests in the movies I went to on Sunday, but as the halfway mark, it's another good chance to do some counting: 35 features, 26 shorts, 9 attached and 17 as part of two programs. That actually gets my feature pace down a bit, to...

Fantasia 2019.10: Ride Your Wave, The Prey, Born of Woman '19, The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, and 8

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is there a place near Concordia that does a nice, simple omurice? It was all that the little girl in It Comes wanted and apparently the comfort food of choice for the couple in Ride Your Wave. A dish shows up twice in less than 48 hours at a film f...

Fantasia 2019.04: The Wonderland, Hit-and-Run Squad, Paradise Hills, and Astronaut PLUS The White Storm 2: Drug Lords

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This long day at the movies was brought to you by hunger and caffeine. The hunger comes from not having breakfast stuff in the hotel room and writing until something like five minutes before the first movie of the day started (perks of staying in a...

Netflix Original Anime Series Coming From Zack Snyder, Jay Oliva



The series will take its cues from Norse mythology The post Netflix Original Anime Series Coming From Zack Snyder, Jay Oliva appeared first on

This Week in Tickets: 15 April 2019 - 21 April 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Yeah, it's been a whole week. Been busy. I think I get to one film at Belmont World Film a year, and this year it's Asako I & II, an interesting movie from Japan, although one where the presenter's description of itas a weird movie had me wo...

Netflix Announces New Anime Content Including Dragon’s Dogma



The new partnerships will be creating three new original anime series for Netflix The post Netflix Announces New Anime Content Including Dragon’s Dogma appeared first on

New Anime Premieres on Hulu Revealed



The series include The Promised Neverland, Iron-Blooded Orphans & More The post New Anime Premieres on Hulu Revealed appeared first on

This Week in Tickets: 7 January 2019 - 13 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If I made New Year's Resolutions, they might involve giving up even the attempt at midnight movies. But I don't so I didn't so here we are. The week started off with Sisters at the Brattle, which has apparently been recently restored and looks n...

Modest Heroes

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I can't really complain about my trip to Fenway for this movie, especially since I brought a certain amount of frustration on myself by ordering hot food that wasn't nachos about five minutes before showtime. When there's no time to eat before the m...

This Week in Tickets: 3 December 2018 - 9 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I had use-it-or-lose it vacation time, so I took Friday off, but you'd never be able to tell. The Brattle and Harvard archaeology departments don't necessarily show Raiders of the Lost Ark absolutely every fall, but it can seem like they do, and...

This Week in Tickets: 26 November 2018 - 2 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The theme for this week: Use the chance to see something in theaters wisely. What that means is that when The Great Buddha+ shows up on the Harvard Film Archive's schedule after you've been seeing the distributor tweet it up for a year (though s...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I must admit to being kind of annoyed that Mirai is apparently getting the "three nights over a week and a half" treatment - Mamoru Hosoda's movies have been as reliably good as you get these days, this one is family-friendly, and I kind of...

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