Lupin x III: The First, the live-action, The Castle of Cagliostro

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'd planned to do a Kitamura/Miyazaki double feature at some point during all this (gestures at 2020), but pushed it off a bit when I saw that there was a CGI version due to get a Fathom release, although it looked like that might be out of reach whe...

Welcome Back to Kendall Square: Save Yourselves! and On the Rocks

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It was my birthday earlier this weekend, and since it's 2020, treating myself to a double feature seems like an extreme indulgence. Landmark Kendall Square opened around the same time as everyone else, with Tenet, and it seems to be doing better tha...

Short time in the Brattle's virtual screening room: Son of the White Mare and Dead

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Both of these movies will be leaving The Brattle and its virtual screening room after Thursday (8 October 2020), so if you want to see them while kicking some money their way, do it now. They will be available elsewhere soon enough - Dead is already...

Fantasia 2020.14 (and NYAFF 2020.01): Legally Declared Dead, A Witness Out of the Blue, I WeirDO, Ròm, Chasing Dream, and 12 Hour Shift

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I thought I was done after "Day 12", but just as I was wrapping up (and getting to move onto the New York Asian Film Festival's online event) I got an email from Hong Kong with a screener link for closing night film Legally Declared Dead, a...

Official Trailer for Comedy 'The Opening Act' Starring Jimmy O. Yang



"I'm really good looking... if you're into anime." RLJE Films has released the first official trailer for The Opening Act, a new comedy about a struggling stand-up comedian made by stand-up comedians. Written and directed by Steve Byrne, this stars J...

Adam Sandler Saves Halloween in Trailer for Comedy 'Hubie Halloween'



"There's something off... in this town!" Netflix has unveiled the first official trailer for Hubie Halloween, the new Adam Sandler comedy on Netflix streaming in October (just in time for Halloween). Despite his devotion to his hometown of Salem, MA...

Fantasia 2020.12: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku and Bring Me Home

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was looking like the final Fantasia post for 2020, because I didn't do great with managing screener requests and was waiting on emails during the last few days of time off. But, last night I got an email saying I had one more screener to watch,...

Fantasia 2020.11: Undergods and The Paper Tigers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This would have been a pretty good Sunday, I think, especially if the cast and crew of The Paper Tigers were to be on-hand. The Paper Tigers was also where I got to a point where I was really looking for good, straightforward stuff and prioritized t...

Fantasia 2020.10: Minor Premise, Born of Woman 2020, and Sanzaru

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Go figure, the two-plus-hour group of short features took some effort to get through. Good news/bad news is that the last few days only have a few "scheduled" items that have screeners, so maybe I'll be able to catch up a bit. I struggled...

Fantasia 2020.08: Alone and A Mermaid in Paris

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Only two movies with embargo dates on Thursday, so at least I haven't fallen much further behind in the last day. I'm kind of starting to feel the festival grind that I occasionally hear people talk about (but which I've seldom felt at Fantasia), an...

Fantasia 2020.07: Bleed with Me, Kriya, and Kakegurui

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Been a while since I had one of those "can't write during the day but let's keep going until 2am" days, but that's where I was with Wednesday's movies, which had me behind anyway because I didn't get the Kakegurui link until late fairly lat...

Fantasia 2020.05: The International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase & Detention (2019)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Huh. It is genuinely weird to have the sci-fi shorts done the next day and not exactly be falling behind as a result. I mean, sure, I did only watch the one thing after that, but Detention was so darn good that it immediately shot up to my favorite...

Fantasia 2020.04: Baby: The Secret Diary of a Mom to Be

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Like I mentioned yesterday, sometimes it's hard to get screeners on the weekend, and that's before I took a large chunk of the day writing up shorts and then deciding that I was going to do my usual Sunday crosswords for a couple hours or so. A bumm...

Fantasia 2020.03: Monster Seafood Wars, Circo Animato, and Class Action Park

By: Jay's Movie Blog


How is Fantasia 2020 different than all the others for me, aside from the obvious? Well, almost all of the screeners for movies playing these two days need to be requested from a third party other than the festival, but I'm not sure how many of the...

Fantasia 2020.02: Dinner in America, Hunted, Cosmic Candy, and "You Wouldn't Understand"

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Would you believe me if I said The Undertaker's Home isn't included here because I was trying to emulate the festival experience and I would have been in de Seve watching Dinner in America while it played in Hall so that doesn't ring true? No? Is i...

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