This Week In Tickets: 8 January 2018 - 1 January 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not quite doing a movie every day, but keeping up a pretty good pace - and saw movies in seven different places! This time, it meant starting at home, finishing up the second half of a pair of Japanese films with The Bullet Train, which was not q...

Paddington 2

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So, which is more peculiar as a childless adult in one's mid-forties - seeing Paddington at a preview show with a mostly-empty theater, or showing up to a show full of families without any of your own? As much as you might get side-eye at the latter...

Darkest Hour (and the rest of 2017's "Dunkirk Trilogy")

By: Jay's Movie Blog


When I saw that Warner Brothers was re-releasing Dunkirk in Imax a couple weeks ago, both to give the theaters who were seeing Justice League admissions dropping off fast an alternative and to promote the upcoming home-video release, I began readying...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 4: Thousand Cuts, A Thousand Junkies, Attraction, Jailbreak, Fashionista, Geek Girls, Mumon: Land of Stealth, Lu Over the Wall, Prey, and The Endless

By: Jay's Movie Blog


And that's 72 feature films reviewed on eFilmCritic for Fantasia, give or take - it's not counting A Taxi Driver, which opened in Boston the week I got back and was thus skipped in Montreal accordingly, but is counting Valerian and the City of a Thou...

Loving Vincent

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Good job, movie - you got booked at Kendall Square for a one-week engagement, but I caught you during week #3 when you still were still running a full schedule. You've made over a million bucks, which is not a small achievement for an animated film...

The Foreigner

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There's probably a great book to be written about Jackie Chan and the not-quite-inevitable rise of China, and how he went from courting the west in the 1990s as the specter of the handover hung over Hong Kong to being one of the most enthusiastic Hon...

Fantasia 2017.17: Attraction, "Cocolors", Jailbreak, and Fashionista

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The last weekend of the festival is best described as "there are many things you want to see and the fact that there are only a couple days left means there are far fewer second chances on the schedule, so suck it up and make choices you don't w...

Fantasia 2017.14: 78/52, Friendly Beast, November, You Only Live Once, and DJ XL5's Cataclysmic Zappin' Party

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Busy day, kind of weird at spots, too: The director of 78/52 couldn't be there, but producers Annick Mahnert and Kerry Deignan Roy were, flanking King-Wei Chu during their post-screening Q&A. They mentioned that much of this project actually...

Fantasia 2017.03: International Sci-Fi Shorts, Mohawk, and Game of Death

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Loose schedule, but lots of guests! These good people are from the International Sci-Fi Shorts, with "Haskell" director James Allen Smith to the left of the hostess and "Hum" director Stefano Nurra, "The Sleepers" dir...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2017.07: The Trip to Spain and Landline

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not going to lie - it's satisfying to get my write-ups of IFFBoston 2017 finished up just before refilling my plate with another film festival. I have not done that often enough of late. It's a bit odd to finish up with night #7, though - there wou...

The Journey

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A couple of friends are re-watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine right now, and both apparently hit "Miles O'Brien must suffer" episodes this weekend, which served as a nice reminder of just how much I love Colm Meaney, nicely timed to this s...

My Cousin Rachel

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not that I need more books on my to-read shelf, but this film was, if nothing else, good enough to convince me that I should probably have read more Du Maurier. Anybody have favorites? I'd probably like to start outside the ones that have been made...

47 Meters Down

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Some nights, you really just need to see a movie after a grinding day of work, but, not to put to fine a point on it, this weekend's new releases were all kind of unexciting. Between this, Cars 3, All Eyez on Me, Rough Night, and The Book of Henry,...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


So, what's playing night-before shows that I can probably get into if I show up at the theater at 6:50pm? Well, truth be told, I probably could have done the Imax Wonder Woman, but I'll get to that sometime this weekend. Trying to get into the IFFB...

BUFF 2017.05: Trinity, Get the Balance Right, Hidden Reserves, Dave Made a Maze, and Bitch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Busy, guest-filled day to close out this particular festival, and no place to take much of a breather, either. First-up with the Sunday-noon movie, with Izzy Lee, Skip Shea, David Graziano, Sean Carmichael, Aurora Grabill, and Diana Porter repping...

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