This Week In Tickets: 28 May 2018 - 3 June 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The spread below is clearly the work of an aging dork whose favorite baseball team is doing just well enough to keep him home watching the game rather than going outto see a movie I may be on the fence about. (There may have been rain, too) Afte...

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Three midnight movies I wanted to catch this weekend, two slots, and I was kind of zonked by eleven on Friday, so I missed Die Hard at the Somerville or this one on its first night at the Coolidge. Which meant, when I went to see it on Saturday, I g...

This Week In Tickets: 21 May 2018 - 27 May 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It may push bedtime back an hour or two, but I'm getting "This Week" up before "Next Week". What can I say, sometimes you just have a lot of Star Wars opinions to get out. First up this week was Raazi, a distinctly Indian spy...

Independent FIlm Festival Boston 2018.33: On Chesil Beach

By: Jay's Movie Blog


On the one hand, it's kind of tacky to use the "day 33" gag in the title when I haven't actually finished my regular IFFBoston reviews yet. But it seemed fitting, as something like five out of six previews shown before this movie - the exc...

Boston Underground Film Festival 2018.04: Top Knot Detective, "Comedy? Maybe!", The Ranger, Revenge, and Ghost Stories

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've been pretty fortunate that, as BUFF has expanded enough to have a few weekend matinees at the Harvard Film Archive over the last couple of years, it hasn't presented me with a lot of really difficult choices. I'm generally cool with skipping th...

This Week In Tickets: 2 April 2018 - 1 April 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Kind of a quiet week, between work and staying it to watch baseball in my nice warm apartment. Still, I was able to get to a nicely-timed show of The Death of Stalin, which is kind of a delight. I probably would have seen more on the weekend, bu...

The Death of Stalin

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I must admit to being mildly curious how wide this opened and is opening around the country, as it's playing a lot of local theaters in Boston, with multiple screens for several. Is this just something that local theaters thought we would like, the...

Boston Underground Film Festival 2018.02: Pin Cushion & The Theta Girl

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Thursday evening, when you can get a seat at Bartley's before the movie because a lot of folks aren't going out and the first feature film starts at 7:45pm due to some combination of a packed shorts package on the one end and shorter movies on the ot...

This Those Weeks In Tickets: 5 February 2018 - 18 March 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Well, I wasn't going to allow myself to fall behind like this, but festivals and vacations and such got us here, catching up on six weeks: 5 February - 11 February 12 February - 18 February 19 February - 25 February 26 February - 4 March 5 March - 1...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018.10-11: The Marathon

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think I'm done with this. I've grumbled about the festival and the marathon for a while, but I think this was the year that finally broke me. There was the usual annoyance at how the festival people would announce something as a premiere even tho...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018.09: Closer Than We Think, Muse, and Canaries

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm not necessarily saying there's a diversity problem in sci-fi or genre filmmaking, but I kid you not, I had to double-check timestamps on my phone to make sure that there were indeed guests at three films rather than two. Sure, that's in part bec...

Late for Early Man

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Maybe I'm selling Peter Rabbit short here, but what the heck, America? Our cousins from across the pond have given us three family movies since the start of the new year, and that's the one we've made a hit, rather than Paddington 2 (a modest succes...

Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Every year that I write one of these wrap-ups, I point out that it's an awful shame that this collection of Oscar-nominated short films is the best chance many will get to see this kind of production which isn't expanded to a commercially-viable leng...

Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Or, "The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (Animation)", as the program would have it. They can say that officially so that it doesn't look stale, but I say that the proper title ought to refer to the year the films were released, and not the on...

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I am very glad that this one is getting at least part of a second week at Kendall Square (although with just early matinees, that basically means Saturday and Sunday for most people); it's a good movie that seems to have been counting on Oscar nomina...

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