Fantasia 2019.07: SHe, Stare, and Dreadout

By: Jay's Movie Blog


No guests yesterday, so no pictures, but after one week, I've seen 24 features and 14 shorts, 6 attached and 8 as part of a program. Doesn't quite put me on pace for the 80 I've told people I'll see, but the first week is a bit short. Week two is l...

The 5 Best Sports Movie Has-Beens



Which of these sports movies is your favorite? The post The 5 Best Sports Movie Has-Beens appeared first on

When The USWNT Celebrates, We All Win

By: MTV Movies Blog


When the USWNT won the FIFA Women's World Cup on Sunday, July 7, in a 2-0 face-off against the Netherlands, it should come as no surprise that the soccer stars are also very, very good at celebrating.

Nothing But Respect For My President, Megan Rapinoe

By: MTV Movies Blog


The U.S. Women National Soccer Team is doing so well, they just might make it to the 2019 World Cup finals — but if they do, co-captain Megan Rapinoe says they’re not going to be celebrating at the “f--king White House.”...

Imani McGee-Stafford Sees The WNBA As Just The Beginning

By: MTV Movies Blog


MTV News spoke with WNBA star Imani McGee-Stafford about her mental health advocacy, how she uses basketball as a vehicle to create opportunities, and what it means to nurture the full identity of Black athletes.

No, The USWNT Didn’t Score ‘Too Many’ Goals or Celebrate ‘Too Much’

By: MTV Movies Blog


On June 11, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team won 13-0 at the World Cup against Thailand. But the win also sparked wide-spread debate about whether the players scored “too many” goals and celebrated those goals “too much.”...

Kyle Kuzma Isn’t Giving Up On Flint, Michigan

By: MTV Movies Blog


Los Angeles Laker Kyle Kuzma talks with MTV News about his hometown of Flint, Michigan; using his platform to give back; and that viral Notre-Dame tweet...

More Female Athletes Penalized Following Caster Semenya Ruling

By: MTV Movies Blog


Two more athletes, Maximila Imali and Evangeline Makena, have been penalized following the IAAF ruling that female athletes with a testosterone count above a given average, would have to take suppressants in order to compete...

This Week in Tickets: 25 June 2018 - 1 July 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, I'm looking at the Fantasia schedule for this year and breathing a sigh of relief at there not seeming to be many midnights. I am getting old. But before getting to how I can't stay up like I want to, I at least demonstrated that I won't...

Uncle Drew

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I should really make more of an attempt to follow basketball next season. I don't necessarily feel something is missing after the Red Sox play their last game, but I do have fewer conversations with some people because I sort of stop paying attentio...

Formula 1 and Netflix Teaming Up for 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship Series



Netflix has commissioned 10 episodes from the 2018 season The post Formula 1 and Netflix Teaming Up for 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship Series appeared first on

Late for Early Man

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Maybe I'm selling Peter Rabbit short here, but what the heck, America? Our cousins from across the pond have given us three family movies since the start of the new year, and that's the one we've made a hit, rather than Paddington 2 (a modest succes...

Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Or, "The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (Animation)", as the program would have it. They can say that officially so that it doesn't look stale, but I say that the proper title ought to refer to the year the films were released, and not the on...

Cardi B, Big Sean, And Donald Glover Proved Rappers Took Over The Super Bowl

By: MTV Movies Blog


Rappers ruled the Super Bowl LII commercials.

Meek Mill Was The Real Winner Of The Super Bowl

By: MTV Movies Blog


Fans across social media are celebrating the Eagles' Super Bowl win by calling for Meek Mill's release.

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