By: Jay's Movie Blog


How is Stretch? I ask because Joe Carnahan had a nice little run going with Smokin' Aces, The A-Team, and The Grey about ten years ago, and then that movie comes out and he's stuck in TV for the next six or seven years, at least in terms of directin...

Make the Movie You Want to Star In: Small Engine Repair and Language Lessons

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It seems like we used to see a lot more movies like these two on the festival circuit and in theaters afterward, with actors writing and directing the parts they want to play, writer/directors acting in their films because there's just not enough mon...

Fantasia Extra: The Night House

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Part of the Fantasia experience: The mid-sized genre movie that was either booked before it was acquired by a distributor, or where the distributor and festival think they can get some sort of synergy by having what basically amounts to a preview sh...

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's almost ancient history now, but there was a point when the conventional wisdom was that superhero movies would rise and fall on their villains. The heroes, after all, wore masks and were simple do-gooders who had to be around for the next movie...

Fantasia 2021 Extra: Cryptozoo

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A kind of amusing thing, now that the festival is over and I've blown past all the embargo dates, is that the date for Cryptozoo was on Saturday the 21st, when it actually opened in Boston on the 20th. Would I have been breaking embargo to review it...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.06: Hotel Poseidon and Baby Money

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Fairly narrow windows of availability during this virtual festival had me watching Giving Birth to a Butterfly and Hotel Poseidon back-to-back, two films with surreal elements that may be revealing just in terms of what I'm up for. Butterfly is 77 m...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.05: Giving Birth to a Butterfly

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Short day, and not necessarily because I was daydreaming about the possibility of going up to Montreal for the film in the festival's lineup that I most wanted to see, Septet, which apparently was only screening once, in person at the Imperial. Hope...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.02: Broadcast Signal Intrusion, Seobok, Escape from Mogadishu, and The Suicide Squad

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I can't be in Montreal, but… I had the idea of figuring out how many spots in my general area had this bit of French-Canadian cuisine on the menu while covering Fantasia last year and having a "poutine of the day" to go with the fest...

IFFBoston 2021.09-11: First Date, Luzzo, Last Night in Rozzie, Weed & Wine, The Gig Is Up, and How It Ends

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One of the useful things about the way IFFBoston ran this festival online is that, when either my second vaccine shot on Friday (14 May 2021) or just being out and about all had me pretty wiped out at the end of the day, I could basically just push t...

First Cow

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Back in early March 2020, the Harvard Film Archive had a preview of First Cow with the director present, or at least had it scheduled, and as I noted in the "Next Week" post at the time, I would miss it because I was going on vacation, but...

Hot Take: The Indiana Jones Movies Are Good

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A fun thing about Letterboxd (follow me!) is that I was able to see a few other people I know decided that last week was a good time to dig into that new 4K box set of the Indiana Jones movies that Paramount put out last month. There is, of course,...

IFFBoston 2021.08: Marvelous and the Black Hole

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The good news about taking forever to do write-ups: Sometimes you see a movie about kids, get a chance to see your nieces who are roughly the same age, and it kind of erases any doubts one might have about how well the filmmakers get tweens. Not th...

IFFBoston 2021.07: Strawberry Mansion

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I was going to have a blank spot on IFFBoston's Wednesday slot because the only scheduled premiere was The Sparks Brothers, and I figured I'd catch it during a theatrical run, but they opted to move this one up a couple days (and make it available th...

IFFBoston 2021.04: I Was a Simple Man and Who We Are

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Let's mostly go with release date rather than watch date , with this getting split up because I was doing all the Sunday crosswords and making pizza, so I got to I Was a Simple Man relatively late in the evening, too late to be up for a second movie...

IFFBoston 2021.02: The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet and A Reckoning in Boston

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is it just me, or is anyone else watching Brian Tamm's intro to these movies, especially the ones labeled "Generic Somerville" or "Generic Brattle", and seeing if they map to where they think the films in question would play durin...

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