Short Stuff: The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The theaters in my area that pick up the Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts almost always break them up into two packages, and it's usually a smart idea: With every entry pushing the definition of the "shorts" category to its limit, that's...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Holy crap, you can see the Kendall from the street again! Arctic wound up being sort of a last-minute detour, as another theater reshuffled their screens to give The Wandering Earth a lot more showtimes than it originally had, wiping what I'd plan...

USA Orders Dare Me To Series, Based on Megan Abbott Novel



The show will take a different look at small-town Midwestern life The post USA Orders Dare Me To Series, Based on Megan Abbott Novel appeared first on

This Week in Tickets: 14 January 2019 - 20 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Ah, nuts, first lost ticket stub of the year. Short features are fantastic Take Monday, when I got to the Coolidge at 7pm for Detour, enjoy a nice 70-minute movie, leisurely bus ride to Harvard Square, with time to get a burrito before sitting d...

Fantasia 2018 Catch-Up 03: The Traveling Cat Chronicles, The Outlaws, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, Knuckleball, Fireworks (2017), Lôi Báo, The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, Parallel (2018), I Am a Hero, Luz, The Witch in the Window, and Inuyashiki

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So it's been (quickly checks Blogger) just about seven weeks to write up these twelve reviews, with another thirteen to go before I can drink the last Canadian Crush that I brought back from Montreal. It's really kind of absurd, especially consideri...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


99% of the time when I see a fim at a festival, I don't have anything to ask during the Q&A until days later, but I felt like I had a pretty good question at the end of this one, about whether all the baseball references were meant to add up to s...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not much to say about this one - it's been on a shelf for a while, it got released in a spot where studios generally drop things that are too expensive to not try and recoup via theatrical play but which will get crushed by actual good movies, and it...

The Rider

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I absolutely should have seen this last April rather than getting lucky that it popped up on the Brattle's best-of-2018 series as half of a double feature with Leave No Trace, another really fantastic movie directed by a woman that takes place well o...

Dark Money

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A cool thing that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is doing this year is setting up a program where the entire documentary "shortlist" - the 15 pictures that some committee or other chose as the year's best, from which five...

This Week in Tickets: 31 December 2018 - 6 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


New year, new calendar! Take a look: It looks a little different because not only do I have to shrink it down more, but I accidentally bought one that's actually too large for a two-page spread to fit on my scanner, so I'm kind of cut-and-pastin...

Escape Room

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The thing about having a blog like this one or being the movie guy at the office is that, when someone asks you what you think of a movie like Escape Room and you basically say, "eh, it's fine", they're going to take that as some sort of co...

Those Weeks in Tickets: 17 December 2018 - 30 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Christmas smack in the middle of this period, so really no time to do a TWIT for the first week on its own. Another day off on Monday the 17th, and I pre-purchased tickets for They Shall Not Grow Old in 3D that afternoon so that I could make i...

If Beale Street Could Talk

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is this kind of a ringer to make sure that my first movie seen in 2019 is a good one? Yeah, a bit, although plan A was for it to end 2018 on a good note, but I got lazy on New Year's Eve. Those random vacation days are for the birds. Maybe I'm bet...

Welcome to Marwen

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I haven't found myself fretting over Robert Zemeckis's remaking great documentaries very much, not so much because I hold them less sacred than some fans, but because I can at least see what he's been trying to do with them in terms of taking a coupl...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Before we get to the review, allow me to take a moment to get one bit of stupid nit-picking off my chest. Ahem. Why on Earth would Shatter and Dropkick be speaking English where a human could hear them and discover their planned betrayal? Wouldn...

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