Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Or, "The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (Animation)", as the program would have it. They can say that officially so that it doesn't look stale, but I say that the proper title ought to refer to the year the films were released, and not the on...

This Week In Tickets: 29 January 2018 - February 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Two handwritten notes on the calendar means I actually watched two of the Blu-rays that have been sitting on my shelf long enough to have moved at least once. On the other hand, nine came in the mail, which is not really a sustainable pace. The w...

BPM: Beats Per Minute

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I sent off a three-tweet reply the other day because a certain website put up a dumb article about how limited releases don't make sense any more and how certain movies likely had their awards and box office potential undercut by that sort of strateg...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 4: Thousand Cuts, A Thousand Junkies, Attraction, Jailbreak, Fashionista, Geek Girls, Mumon: Land of Stealth, Lu Over the Wall, Prey, and The Endless

By: Jay's Movie Blog


And that's 72 feature films reviewed on eFilmCritic for Fantasia, give or take - it's not counting A Taxi Driver, which opened in Boston the week I got back and was thus skipped in Montreal accordingly, but is counting Valerian and the City of a Thou...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 2: Dead Shack, Pork Pie, A Day, Money's Money, Junk Head, The Laplace's Demon, Love & Other Cults, and The Mole Song 2: Hong Kong Capriccio

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, if you're going to attend a festival while having a day job or just otherwise planning to stretch that content out over a while - rough drafting is kind of crucial, along with good notes. You may feel like a tool taking notes during a screeni...

Fantasia 2017.04: Wild Blood, Outer Limits of Animation, Animals, Replace and Tokyo Ghoul

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If it had just been one shorts program the first weekend of the festival, I might have been able to keep up. But two on consecutive days, and it's going to take me a long time to get those shorts written up, enough that it made sense for my process...

Fantasia 2017.21: Indiana, Le Manoir, Kills on Wheels, and The Night Watchmen

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've been coming to Fantasia for twelve or thirteen years now and I think I've only ended on the big closing night film once or twice. The first year or two, I wasn't doing the whole thing; for many years, they added encore screenings after the offi...

Fantasia 2017.16: Thousand Cuts, Darkland, A Thousand Junkies, Fritz Lang, and Innocent Curse

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A day that really went back and forth. That's Thousand Cuts director Eric Valette, who does that really enjoyable thing where the director of a grim, bloody, no-messing-around thriller is actually tremendously animated and genial in person, respon...

Fantasia 2017.10: Napping Princess, Dead Shack, Pork Pie, A Day, and Money's Money

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Fantasia 2017.10: Napping Princess, Dead Shack, Pork Pie, A Day, and Money's Money A fun, guest-filled day, starting with the very enjoyable Napping Princess, which I guess is the name GKids will use when releasing Ancien and the Magic Tablet in Nor...

Fantasia 2017.09: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Bad Genius, Lowlife, and Kodoku Meatball Machine

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Man, what a lousy day to have my phone's battery die before the guests show up, because a ton of folks came for Lowlife from L.A., and Yoshihiro Nishimura came in a slick jumpsuit/coverall thing which not only had a great splatter pattern, but assure...

My Life as a Zucchini

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Now that I’ve finally got the review written, the showtimes at Kendall Square have been cut down to matinees, but, to compensate, they’re subtitled as opposed to dubbed (when I went Monday, it was English before sunset, French after). I still re...

The Red Turtle & Kedi

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I wasn’t exactly planning a family-friendly Kendall Square double feature originally, but I forgot my book of tickets when going out for a bunch of movies over the weekend and was actually kind of wiped after my second movie on Saturday. So, no ch...

Francophone Oddities: The Brand New Testament & Evolution (2016)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The review of The Brand New Testament went up on Christmas Eve, which kind of amused me, as cheerfully blasphemous as the movie is. I didn’t plan it that way, but it’s kind of fun. These two movies make an interesting pair, in that they’re bo...

MonsterFest 2016.01: Raw

By: Jay's Movie Blog


G'day from Melbourne, where I'm attending the MonsterFest film festival. Sure, it may seem like a strange thing for an American whose family doesn't live that far away to do for Thanksgiving weekend, but many members of that family tend to spend the...

IFFBoston Fall Focus 2016.01/03/05: Moonlight (2016), I Am Not Your Negro, and Loving

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is it kind of unfair to group these three films together, even if they were all co-presented by the Roxbury International Film Festival (dedicated to films by and about people of color), but do you really need me saying that I'm not necessarily the b...

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