Double Feature: The Great Battle & The Road Not Taken.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Because of all the 70mm goodness at the Somerville, I had to fit both of these guys into Saturday, and missed the Fluff Festival. I know, it sounds rough. Experienced my first flakiness with the AMC A-List app, too. Life's hard. The biggest excla...

Happy Chinese New Year, Have a Quasi-Sequel: Operation Red Sea

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Under a lot of circumstances, I might not really question how much I enjoyed this sort of gung-ho, pro-military action tale; even though I'm not a violent person, I do love action movies that don't mess around; there's pretty good catharsis in an evi...

Discs from the 3-D Film Archive: 3-D Rarities, Cease Fire, Gog, September Storm, Those Redheads from Seattle

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I bought myself a fancy new TV a couple of months ago, not so much because there was anything really wrong with my old one - that Toshiba projection model still shows a nice, clean 1080p picture - but in large part because I like 3D and noticed, whil...

Darkest Hour (and the rest of 2017's "Dunkirk Trilogy")

By: Jay's Movie Blog


When I saw that Warner Brothers was re-releasing Dunkirk in Imax a couple weeks ago, both to give the theaters who were seeing Justice League admissions dropping off fast an alternative and to promote the upcoming home-video release, I began readying...

The Fortress

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Well, that was kind of disappointing. Not really bad, but never exciting, and it certainly didn't help that I think there were two of us in the theater. As much as I love Lee Byung-hun, I kind of wish that AMC had chosen to book the other Korean mo...

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I had no idea that this was a Netflix production before their logo popped up before the film and thus had me a little surprised it was playing theaters at all. I suspect it's gone from Kendall Square on Friday, either because it doesn't draw when a...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 1: Good Time, Bushwick, Museum, Mohawk, Game of Death (2017), Plan B, Napping Princess, Shinjuku Swan II, and Lowlife

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So, here's roughly 20% of the reviews I saw at Fantasia this summer and just had time to get an entry on Letterboxd and the blog before the next day started with a whole new batch of things to write up started screening. It's slower than I've been i...

In This Corner of the World

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Check the Fandango and theater listings for this one carefully; AMC Boston Common, at least, is alternating subtitled and dubbed, and it's not always clearly labeled which is which. For right now, at least through Thursday (which appears to be its l...

The Battleship Island

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Every year I make a joke about having to ease out of Fantasia slowly as I spend the next weekend or week watching things that either played Fantasia or are the sort of thing that would have but just didn't play festivals this close to their release,...

Fantasia 2017.18: Geek Girls, Mumon: The Land of Stealth, Bushwick, and Mayhem

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's always nice when Sunday gives you a little extra time because you've seen the films that start right around noon earlier in the festival or elsewhere, although what time I gained to write more was eaten up by laundry and breakfast at Cacao 70.

Fantasia 2017.03: International Sci-Fi Shorts, Mohawk, and Game of Death

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Loose schedule, but lots of guests! These good people are from the International Sci-Fi Shorts, with "Haskell" director James Allen Smith to the left of the hostess and "Hum" director Stefano Nurra, "The Sleepers" dir...

Our Time Will Come

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A bit of a letdown, mostly because Ann Hui's previous two to make it to North America were so good. You could still sort of tell the route it was going to go, just because the trailer was, IIRC, song-based and didn't do much to sell a story at all.

Warriors of the Dawn

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's not the only thing that Korean cinema does well - not by a long shot - but nobody does the sort of medieval war movie where large groups of people just suddenly perforated by hails of arrows quite like South Korea. They are the ones who gave us...

God of War

By: Jay's Movie Blog


AMC Boston Common has taken to using a holding pen for movies that don't start within the next 25 minutes, which frustrated me a bit last night, as I had my 7:20pm ticket at 6:40 and would really have liked to use the restroom and concession stand up...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


So, what's playing night-before shows that I can probably get into if I show up at the theater at 6:50pm? Well, truth be told, I probably could have done the Imax Wonder Woman, but I'll get to that sometime this weekend. Trying to get into the IFFB...

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