This Week in Tickets: 6 January 2020 - 12 January 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


You know what seems like it would be a pretty good idea, sometime? Choosing a day, not setting an alarm, and just getting to work when I get there, working until 7pm if that's what what gets me on a good schedule. Might get me back to Davis at a ti...

War!: 1917 and Liberation

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Will wonders never cease - AMC accidentally set the times for a couple of movies in such a way that you could build a thematic double feature without having to kill an hour in between! It also gave me a nice chance to check out the new Dolby Cinema...

IFFBoston 2019.182: Monos with bonus Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've mentioned a few times during my IFFBoston entries (almost done, five months later!) that there were a fair amount of decisions I tried to make on the basis of "will this thing get a theatrical release later?" that had me surprised at h...

IFFBoston 2019.04: We Are Not Princesses, Ms. Purple, When Lambs Become Lions, and In Fabric

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Sometimes, when planning a festival, you look at a day and maybe think that you're not sure anything in it really grabs you until you see that Ms. Purple is by the guy who did a movie you loved a couple years back, and then that slot's sorted. Then...

Fantasia 2019.17: White Snake, International Short Science-Fiction Film Showcase 2019, Kingdom, Why Don't You Just Die?, and Les Particules

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A long weekend day, built more or less around the short film program, though it started off with a Chinese animated movie, and it was the first time I can recall seeing a Warner Brothers logo in front of a mainland film. I hadn't realized that Warne...

Edward Zwick’s Glory Returning to Theaters for Special Two-Day Event



The screenings will take place on July 21 and July 24 The post Edward Zwick’s Glory Returning to Theaters for Special Two-Day Event appeared first on

This Week in Tickets: 20 May 2019 - 26 May 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Double features and a double-dip. I'm not entirely sure about the Somerville's plans to move the 70mm/widescreen fest to May; the prints were nice but they didn't have a whole lot of room to get creative. Maybe with a full year to prep the next...

Two at the Coolidge: Transit & Starfish

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, I made it through a midnight movie! Just took me being still halfway on Hong Kong time, having slept until two in the afternoon or so, and sucking down a whole ton of caffeine between the night's three movies (having started earlier in the even...

This Week in Tickets: 28 January 2019 -3 February 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Explain to me, world, why I can be starting this entry at 1am in the morning, only kind of tired, but I can't make it through midnight movies anymore. I hate that blank first page, but it was cold and theaters were playing things at weird times l...

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It appears that I arrived at my seat just a bit too late to see a fair number of disclaimers before this, citing historians consulted and the like. Not unusual for Indian movies, I've found, and not exactly a bad policy, although I do wonder if that...

They Shall Not Grow Old

By: Jay's Movie Blog


How you see a movie can have a huge effect on your opinion of it. This one, for instance, started twenty minutes late, and it took about three tries for the theater to get the right lens and formatting on so that it was actually projecting in proper...

This Week in Tickets: 10 December 2018 - 16 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A three-day workweek here, but you'd never tell. This is why I take full weeks and run off to some other continent; knowing you won't be back to a city for years if ever is good motivation for not just being a bump on a log. Seriously, what the...

This Week in Tickets: 5 November 2018 - 11 November 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, I made some progress on recent Blu-ray orders, in part because scheduling got weird with other stuff. First up: I suppose there were more pressing gaps than The Great Buster: A Celebration on Tuesday, especially since I know it's going to b...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I joke often about feeling a weird sort of victory when I manage to see a Netflix film despite not having Netflix, but I've got to admit, hauling my butt out to Waltham to see something as so-so as Outlaw/King doesn't really feel like an accomplishme...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not quite Plan A last night, but the bus out of Burlington was just late enough that it looked like it would be 50/50 to make it to Fenway in time for Suspiria, and definitely not in time to get some much-needed nachos (or anything, really). And, tr...

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