Noir City 2020.01: The Black Vampire & Panic

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, this technically makes it a Boston-area festival, right? Okay, that's a reach, as is "this probably would have been the lineup for Noir City Boston at the Brattle", but so what? If there's any series festival shrugging off borders...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 20 November 2020 - 24 November 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Short week, because at least some new movies will be opening Wednesday like there's still any difference between holidays and the work week. The Brattle Theatre has two new releases and a reissue this week. The first of the new releases is Fire Wil...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 13 November 2020 - 19 November 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Virus numbers are spiking, so the rules of irony dictate that we've got one of the best weekends for moviegoing since Tenet came out, good enough that I can actually grumble about what's playing where and the weird rules that different chains have fo...

Independent Film Festival Boston Fall Focus 2020.01: Minari

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not quite like being there, but… I haven't seen Brian Tamm since, well, probably some rep show at the Brattle in January or February, and as much as going out to that theater to film these introductions for the various films in the Fall Focus ma...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 30 October 2020 - 5 November 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I thought I had something really clever to say about this weekend a couple days ago, but I forgot it and it's snowing out so it's a good thing the IFFBoston folks are going to be supplying us with good movies all weekend. Independent Film Festival B...

Nightstream 2020.02: Come True and The Doorman

By: Jay's Movie Blog


My plan with Nightstream was to try and watch as many of the movies I could close to when they went online, to try and simulate the festival experience in as close to real time as possible, which went out the window right away when I saw that The Doo...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 23 October 2020 - 29 October 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's 2020, so the best movie to hit theaters this weekend (and maybe in a while!) comes with filmmakers saying that they, personally, wouldn't risk going to a theater to see it. And, honestly, the theatrical landscape gets weirder from there. The B...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 16 October 2020 - 22 October 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The theatrical world is upside down, what with the new movie that likely would be direct-to-video if Liam Neeson wasn't in it at the Kendall and the French comedy at Boston Common. Madness. The Coolidge Corner Theatre adds Martin Eden to its virtua...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 9 October 2020 - 15 October 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Time flies. In just the last week, Regal has re-closed their theaters, the studios have pushed even more into next year (or streaming), and Showcase has announced that they will be closing their cinema in Revere, which is being demolished for an Ama...

Nightstream 2020.00: Pelican Blood

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Well, technically, Day -04 of Nightstream, but let's not get too cute about this. The point is, one of the Nightstream movies was also a part of the Coolidge/Goethe-Institut series of German films, so I was able to get a head start on the festival a...

Short time in the Brattle's virtual screening room: Son of the White Mare and Dead

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Both of these movies will be leaving The Brattle and its virtual screening room after Thursday (8 October 2020), so if you want to see them while kicking some money their way, do it now. They will be available elsewhere soon enough - Dead is already...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 2 October 2020 - 8 October 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Happy birthday to me, and my cousin, and my other cousin, and my late grandfather, and my aunt, and my niece, and her little sister, and, look, sometimes weird groupings like this just happen! Let's look and see what the theaters have opened so that...

Next Week in [Virtual] Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 25 September 2020 - 1 October 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Looks like Apple Fresh Pond and Icon in the Seaport have shut down for another little while - probably until James Bond and maybe Soul shows up in November, because a whole bunch more has been pushed off to later. All those delays are leaving things...

Fantasia 2020.14 (and NYAFF 2020.01): Legally Declared Dead, A Witness Out of the Blue, I WeirDO, Ròm, Chasing Dream, and 12 Hour Shift

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I thought I was done after "Day 12", but just as I was wrapping up (and getting to move onto the New York Asian Film Festival's online event) I got an email from Hong Kong with a screener link for closing night film Legally Declared Dead, a...

Next Week in Virtual Tickets: Films sort of playing Boston 18 September 2020 - 24 September 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not seeing any listings for Apple Cinemas at Fresh Pond, so I'm guessing that they got as much as they could from Tenet and didn't think they'd be viable again until November when No Time to Die is scheduled to come out. I feel bad, because I wanted...

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