Fantasia 2019.18: Full Contact, Homewrecker, Moon in the Hidden Woods, Circo Animato 2019, Freaks, and American Fighter

By: Jay's Movie Blog


10am for the first show. Ten. Ay. Em! Doesn't seem like much, but some in the audience might have been at the midnight "Fantasia Retro" show the night before, and I'm guessing that the people looking to watch these older movies like Full...

These Weeks in Tickets: 23 September 2019 - 6 October 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


My job pays me money that I spend on movies, but on occasion gets in the way of seeing them, as when they send me to some Dallas-area parking lot with a building in the middle for the better part of a week so that I can sit in on three hours or so of...

IFFBoston 2019.06: Shorts Exeter and The Rusalka

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I always try to get to at least one shorts program during IFFBoston, since they've completely done away with with shorts before films (unless there's been something I don't remember in the last few years) and these movies made by passionate people wh...

Dilili in Paris & The Parts You Lose

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Apple Cinemas Cambridge actually split the 18-seat screen #9 between three movies this week, with something called Semper Fi the third 90-minute movie getting two screenings a day, but I was kind of surprised to see that both of the two I saw were re...

IFFBoston 2019.182: Monos with bonus Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've mentioned a few times during my IFFBoston entries (almost done, five months later!) that there were a fair amount of decisions I tried to make on the basis of "will this thing get a theatrical release later?" that had me surprised at h...

Nia Long to Produce and Star in Netflix Film Fatal Affair



Omar Epps and Stephen Bishop will co-star in the crime thriller. The post Nia Long to Produce and Star in Netflix Film Fatal Affair appeared first on

Challenging Everest from China: Abominable & The Climbers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I wonder, a little, if Abominable is getting a simultaneous release and/or doing well in China. I don't know the exact is and outs of how distribution works there - and it's been an especially chaotic year - but it seems like DreamWorks's latest is...

IFFBoston 2019.04: We Are Not Princesses, Ms. Purple, When Lambs Become Lions, and In Fabric

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Sometimes, when planning a festival, you look at a day and maybe think that you're not sure anything in it really grabs you until you see that Ms. Purple is by the guy who did a movie you loved a couple years back, and then that slot's sorted. Then...

This Week in Tickets: 16 September 2019 - 22 September 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Unless I have a weird impulse to get to the ballpark one last time, this is my last trip to Fenway of the year, and at least it's memorable. Tough to end on a more memorable game than this one, though - picked up a bobblehead, saw the grandson of...

Ad Astra

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Did a stupid thing with the T yesterday afternoon and thus was not able to fit a stop at Somerville's What the Fluff? Festival in before this movie, which is probably a good thing for my teeth and stomach but it's tough to have such a thing in town a...

Natalie Morales Joins Denzel Washington and Raimi Malek in The Little Things



She will help the pair hunt down Jared Leto's serial killer. The post Natalie Morales Joins Denzel Washington and Raimi Malek in The Little Things appeared first on

This Week in Tickets: 9 September 2019 - 15 September 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Let us observe a brief moment of silence for MoviePass, which sputtered and hung on for far longer than was expected (or dignified). Even with the last year or so when I could almost never find a way to use it despite the regular $10/month charge ta...

Justin Theroux Teaming Up with Luther Creator for The Mosquito Coast



The series is based on the 1981 book written by Justin's uncle, Paul Theroux. The post Justin Theroux Teaming Up with Luther Creator for The Mosquito Coast appeared first on


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think Fagara is one of the bigger local releases in Hong Kong this year; it was getting prominent placement on the Hong Kong film times app that is still hanging around on my phone when I checked it for other reasons a month ago, and maybe more. I...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I have a couple of Russian co-workers, and I should probably ask them how popular and well-remembered Revan "Rezo" Gabriadze and his films still are. Probably not well-known as a filmmaker - or maybe writers get remembered more in Russia -...

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