This Week in Tickets: 2 December 2019 - 8 December 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Two different bits of "catching up" this week! To start with, I finally saw Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite, which I feel like I should have caught earlier, but it's one of those that is just long enough to get scheduled at weird times. It is,...

The Whistleblower

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Weird trailer for this one - on the one hand, all the dialogue in it was in English, but all the graphics were Chinese, so I'm not sure which audience it was aimed at, which is kind of a hazard with this sort of Chinese-Australian co-production. I t...

This Week in Tickets: 25 November 2019 - 1 December 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Working from home is no fun and I'm glad I'm done with it for a while, barring snow. It does lead to some interesting scheduling like we saw at the start of the last few weeks, where I headed to the Brattle for the very nifty The Last of Sheila a...

Two Tigers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Well, the description for this movie looked a lot more entertaining than the final result wound up being, which was kind of a bummer, because it looks like Chinese imports are going to be in a bit of a dull place until Ip Man 4 at Christmas. The pre...

These Weeks in Tickets: 28 October 2019 - 17 November 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A couple busy weeks and I fall behind like crazy. But they're fun, crazy weeks. Halloween week was a fun one because I got to bounce around a bunch of different venues for unusual shows. Monday (the 28th), for instance, Emerson's Films fr...

Chinese Crime: My Dear Liar & Better Days

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've said it before, but I'm kind of tired of writing about how "crime does not pay" makes for lousy movies, not so much because that end is bad in and of itself, but because you can often see how the writers have to twist in order to satis...

IFFBoston 2019.193: The Wild Goose Lake & The Truth

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The Fall Focus seemed a bit more like a preview series this year, with most of the films having releases coming up pretty soon - some would begin their rollouts the very next weekend - but the ones I wound up seeing were those whose theatrical releas...

This Week in Tickets: 14 October 2019 - 20 October 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


You ever wind up running late for a movie, slinking home frustrated, and then feeling weirdly vindicated when you really need to go to the bathroom right smack in the middle of when the movie would be? No, me neither. Moviegoing time was also cu...

Quentin Tarantino Won’t Recut Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for China



Censors have reportedly not given the writer/director a reason why the film needs a new edit The post Quentin Tarantino Won’t Recut Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for China appeared first on

These Weeks in Tickets: 23 September 2019 - 6 October 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


My job pays me money that I spend on movies, but on occasion gets in the way of seeing them, as when they send me to some Dallas-area parking lot with a building in the middle for the better part of a week so that I can sit in on three hours or so of...

Challenging Everest from China: Abominable & The Climbers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I wonder, a little, if Abominable is getting a simultaneous release and/or doing well in China. I don't know the exact is and outs of how distribution works there - and it's been an especially chaotic year - but it seems like DreamWorks's latest is...

This Week in Tickets: 9 September 2019 - 15 September 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Let us observe a brief moment of silence for MoviePass, which sputtered and hung on for far longer than was expected (or dignified). Even with the last year or so when I could almost never find a way to use it despite the regular $10/month charge ta...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think Fagara is one of the bigger local releases in Hong Kong this year; it was getting prominent placement on the Hong Kong film times app that is still hanging around on my phone when I checked it for other reasons a month ago, and maybe more. I...

These Weeks in Tickets: 19 August 2019 - 1 September 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The end of summer comes to the movies with a whimper every year, but I kind of don't mind this year. I was kind of movied-out and the profile of these last two weeks shows it. Both weeks started out with film noir double features at the Bratt...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's been a weird summer at the Chinese box office, as the new certification board has proven much more strict and capricious, with release dates yanked at the last moment and all sorts of other chaos. Still, $630M in ticket sales doesn't happen jus...

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