Chinese Noir: Explosion (and Coffin in the Mountain)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I have roughly zero regrets about my recent vacation, although I must admit that I do wish that I had gotten to see more of the Brattle's "New Chinese Noir" series, both because I'm always down for checking out Chinese cinema and film noir...

The Foreigner

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There's probably a great book to be written about Jackie Chan and the not-quite-inevitable rise of China, and how he went from courting the west in the 1990s as the specter of the handover hung over Hong Kong to being one of the most enthusiastic Hon...

City of Rock

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I mention it a bit in the review, but I find it kind of interesting that Well Go USA is the label distributing City of Rock in North America, because they seem a bit more focused on the general audience than the likes of China Lion, Magnum/Chopflix,...

China/Hong Kong double feature: Never Say Die & Chasing the Dragon

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I swear I saw a clip of Andy Lau doing a cameo in the preview for Sky Hunter, and, man, did that make it seem like he banked a whole lot of work before his January injury. Part of that is that The Great Wall hit the US a couple of months after China...

Fantasia 2017.05: Tom of Finland, The Honor Farm, The Senior Class, Shock Wave, and Free and Easy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Dang, into September before having an entry for all 21 days of Fantasia. Now to go back and review the other … (flips through pages in movie notebook) … forty-one movies I didn't have time to fully write up on the first pass. Kee-rap! So, it's...

Average (but odd) Asian Action: Birth of the Dragon & Midnight Runners

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Alternate theme to this pair: Titles meant to evoke better movies. Not that I necessarily know what the Korean title of Midnight Runners means or if the people giving it an English name were specifically referencing Midnight Run, but, well, you can...

The Adventurers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I really wish I'd liked this one a bit more; it not only seems to really be right up my alley - I am fond of the entire cast, I like Hong Kong action capers, and I like the French action capers it's channeling - but it played Fenway as well as Boston...

Once Upon a Time

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's kind of reductive to talk about men's & women's films, but there's something worth talking about when you look at it as "things thought of as men's & women's films". I'm having a hard time thinking of any big effects-laden blo...

Wolf Warriors 1 & 2

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not quite a "you've got to get yourself off Fantasia slowly" night; I went from one Asian action movie on Sunday to two on Monday, so it would be going in the wrong direction. No, I was planning on giving Wolf Warrior 2 a pass because Fant...

Fantasia 2017.17: Attraction, "Cocolors", Jailbreak, and Fashionista

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The last weekend of the festival is best described as "there are many things you want to see and the fact that there are only a couple days left means there are far fewer second chances on the schedule, so suck it up and make choices you don't w...

Fantasia 2017.07: Have a Nice Day, Sequence Break, Poor Agnes, and Plan B

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Aaaah, spent the morning being available in case they needed me for my job while most of the team met in Frisco, TX, but not necessarily sad that they didn't much. So glad to be in Montreal rather than Frisco, if only for not being in the room for a...

Fantasia 2017.06: Liberation Day, Wukong and Punk Fu Zombie

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There could have been a press screening in here, but did I really want to see The Endless without an introduction and Q&A from the filmmakers? No, no I did not. Besides, that was about the same time Cacao 70 opened for breakfast around the corn...

New York Asian Film Festival 2017.03: Village of No Return, Japanese Girls Never Die, Mon Mon Mon Monsters, and Blood of Youth

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Four films the day before, a relatively early walk back to the AirBNB, sleeping on something pretty couch-like, ad then back at it again. I started the day with Bong Joon-ho's Okja, and if I'm lucky and nobody chases me away from this AC outlet, the...

Our Time Will Come

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A bit of a letdown, mostly because Ann Hui's previous two to make it to North America were so good. You could still sort of tell the route it was going to go, just because the trailer was, IIRC, song-based and didn't do much to sell a story at all.

New York Asian Film Festival 2017.02: Saving Sally, A Single Rider, The Gangster's Daughter, and Extraordinary Mission

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's a real shame that it often takes me saying "hey, I can do something else in New York while I'm there!" to get me to the New York Asian Film Festival, but it does. It runs right into Fantasia - my favorite film festival - on the schedu...

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