IFFBoston 2019.19: Shadow

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Yes, I'm doing the "number posts like IFFBoston was still going on when one of its selections hits theaters" bit before I've even started full reviews of its movies. I'm slow this year, and this is one I passed on there because it would ha...

Cathy Yan to Direct A24’s Coming-of-Age Drama Sour Hearts

By: ComingSoon.net


The script will also be co-written by Yan The post Cathy Yan to Direct A24’s Coming-of-Age Drama Sour Hearts appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

Two from the Chinas: Always Miss You & Savage '19

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I wonder, just a bit, if these two movies might be holding up better ones playing Boston. Well Go seems to have pushed its release of Shadow back a week upon acquiring distribution rights for Savage, and I can't necessarily blame them for that: Chi...

This Last Week in Tickets: 25 March 2019 -31 March 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Never fails - festivals and vacations force me into catch-up mode and then "screw it, I'll just pick up from last week". I was just coming off BUFF, so while I had some plans to do something Monday night, most everything was at weird ti...

Triple Threat

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Getting a movie like Triple Threat into theaters for even one night is probably a victory for Well Go, because it's D2V as all get-out, although that's not necessarily the pure insult it used to be: Although I haven't dipped my toes in it much beyon...

Foreign Affairs: Ash Is Purest White & Climax

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If the Boston Underground Film Festival hadn't been going on last weekend, I might have been tempted to perform an experiment by seeing Ash Is Purest White in both Boston Common and the Kendall, to see if they had different sorts of audiences - one t...

New from China: More than Blue & The Crossing

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I see that More than Blue is getting a second week at Boston Common and The Crossing is not, which is too bad; the latter is clearly the better movie. I wonder how much it's down to the first being more easily-digestible and how much is due to other...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2019: Axcellerator, Ikarie XB-01, King Kong '33, Last Sunrise, and Chesley Bonestell: A Brush with the Future

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I knew, going into the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival this year, that I would be seeing less - several years of underwhelming selections, frustrations with technical gaffes (and weather-related cancellations), and the increasing number of worthy other o...

Short Stuff: The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Every year, a package is put together with all the animated short films nominated for an Academy Award, plus a few to pad out the running time, and it's generally one of the most enjoyable cinema samplers to come out over the year, with a bunch of di...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was the movie I intended to see Friday night only to wind up at Arctic, and while I was initially annoyed at all the weekend shows being canceled, it turns out to be a not-awful decision; The Wandering Earth put a lot of butts in seats and there...

The Wandering Earth

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it, and sincerest thanks from those of us who don't for making it a week to release a bunch of big, fun movies. Although I guess that means we kind of do celebrate it, doesn't it? I kind of intended to ce...

Captain Marvel Lands Day-and-Date Release in China

By: ComingSoon.net


The MCU installment will open in China on March 8 The post Captain Marvel Lands Day-and-Date Release in China appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

This Week in Tickets: 31 December 2018 - 6 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


New year, new calendar! Take a look: It looks a little different because not only do I have to shrink it down more, but I accidentally bought one that's actually too large for a two-page spread to fit on my scanner, so I'm kind of cut-and-pastin...

Ghost Blows Out the Light: Mojin: The Worm Valley & Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I usually try to catch up on a series before seeing the new entry in theaters, but in this case I didn't realize that I had had the first one on my shelf for the better part of a year, if not more so until I saw a couple people mention on Twitter tha...

Those Weeks in Tickets: 17 December 2018 - 30 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Christmas smack in the middle of this period, so really no time to do a TWIT for the first week on its own. Another day off on Monday the 17th, and I pre-purchased tickets for They Shall Not Grow Old in 3D that afternoon so that I could make i...

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