Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.02: Broadcast Signal Intrusion, Seobok, Escape from Mogadishu, and The Suicide Squad

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I can't be in Montreal, but… I had the idea of figuring out how many spots in my general area had this bit of French-Canadian cuisine on the menu while covering Fantasia last year and having a "poutine of the day" to go with the fest...

Imports: Illang: The Wolf Brigade and The Curse of the Demon Cat

By: Jay's Movie Blog


You know what's kind of nuts? Illang: The Wolf Brigade was produced by Warner Brothers South Korea - it even has a custom studio logo clip - but they basically offloaded it to Netflix for the rest of the world. I talk a lot about how big companies...

Fantasia 2020.12: Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku and Bring Me Home

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was looking like the final Fantasia post for 2020, because I didn't do great with managing screener requests and was waiting on emails during the last few days of time off. But, last night I got an email saying I had one more screener to watch,...

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hell of a week to reopen theaters with a movie about a highly transmissible contagion, huh? Who wants this right now, and would go to a theater for it? Me, apparently. I'll readily admit it's not the world's greatest idea, and probably pure selfis...

Fantasia 2020.05: The International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase & Detention (2019)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Huh. It is genuinely weird to have the sci-fi shorts done the next day and not exactly be falling behind as a result. I mean, sure, I did only watch the one thing after that, but Detention was so darn good that it immediately shot up to my favorite...

Fantasia 2020.03: Monster Seafood Wars, Circo Animato, and Class Action Park

By: Jay's Movie Blog


How is Fantasia 2020 different than all the others for me, aside from the obvious? Well, almost all of the screeners for movies playing these two days need to be requested from a third party other than the festival, but I'm not sure how many of the...

These Weeks in (Virtual) Tickets: 1 June 2020 - 21 June 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not many movies over the past few weeks, but sometimes you just feel good about accomplishing something. In my case, it's finally finishing up the last of my Fantasia Festival reviews from last year, with nearly a whole month to spare befor...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 6: Promare (and its shorts); G Affairs; Miss & Mrs. Cops; Why Don't You Just Die? (and its shorts); The Gangster, The Cop, and The Devil; and Lifechanger

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Voici! Just a few weeks short of when I would have been heading to Montreal for Fantasia's 2020 edition, my last reviews of movies that played the festival in 2019 (and, in one case, 2018). To be fair, these at least were deliberately pushed off on...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 5: House of Hummingbird, Shooting the Mafia, Lake Michigan Monster, Night God, Koko-Di Koko-Da, Les Particules

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Tired: "Oh, man, it's taken me almost the whole year to review everything from Fantasia; I'm a terrible critic who won't be credentialed next year because it takes me forever!" Wired: "F--- yeah, look at me stretching that content o...

L.A. 3-D Movie Fest Online and Ape

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The Center for Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education is an exhibition space/collection in Los Angeles which I'll have to visit if I make it out that way any time soon, most recently noted for crowdfunding the restoration of El Coranzon...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 4: Dance with Me, Ode to Nothing, Fly Me to the Saitama, L'Intervention, A Good Woman Is Hard to Find, Black Magic for White Boys, The Father's Shadow, and Door Lock

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Yeah, I'm looking at the dates I saw these movies and the dates I've posted full reviews on eFilmCritic and just kind of sighing. Insert the usual comments about how I need to commit to cranking through things faster, not working my day job during t...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 3: Ride Your Wave, Maggie, No Mercy, It Comes, The Wretched, The Prey, The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, 8, Cencoroll Connect, and The Purity of Vengeance

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm going to have to find a way to make the Fantasia reviews come faster next year, whether it's remote-working less so that I've got more mornings to write, finding someone else to come for eFilmCritic so I don't feel obligated to review everything...

The Man Standing Next

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Huh. I remember this story having more in the way of prostitutes and black comedy in The President's Last Bang (which is apparently not available to watch in high definition, which somehow boggles my mind). Might have to check that one out again. U...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 2: The Deeper You Dig, Away, Jade's Asylum, Almost a Miracle, The Wonderland, Hit-and-Run Squad, Dreamland, Chiwawa, Porno, and Mystery of the Night

By: Jay's Movie Blog


On the one hand, I'm sad that Away didn't wind up getting a theatrical release, because I really loved it and the audience was into it. On the other, you can purchase it on Amazon Prime Video for six bucks in HD. You can also rent it for two or thr...

Short Stuff: The 2019 Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This is the first year that a local theater has shown the year's documentary shorts as a single block, rather than broken into two, for which I'm grateful: Aside from being a bit easier to schedule with so little time between the short film packages...

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