Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I write slowly these days, so just one more evening to catch this one at the Somerville. It's also on disc, but it's a fun one to see with others, if only because there is one scene in the middle where the awkward laughter is fantastic. Unlike last...

Drive My Car

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I occasionally review or blog about films not so much because I imagine that I have the reach and influence to influence audiences broadly, but because I'm trying to figure out what to say when discussing the film more directly, and that's certainly...

Sing a Bit of Harmony

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Looks like this one is only getting two screening days - subtitled on Sunday the 23rd, dubs on Wednesday the 26th. I can't speak for the quality of the latter version, since I really couldn't tell you the difference between "folks who rightfull...

Belle (2021)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm kind of surprised that Belle only played the one show on the Imax screen at Boston Common - has Spider-Man just not slowed down at all anywhere? Figured AMC might mix things up a bit, but, nah, just one special show, which meant it was fairly cr...

Labyrinth of Cinema

By: Jay's Movie Blog


As I post this, there's one last show at the Brattle at 6pm, and, yes, a three-hour Japanese film is a lot to recommend on short notice but tomorrow is a holiday for many and this is a movie where being in a theater is sort of central. I wouldn't sa...

Poupelle of Chimney Town

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I was kind of excited to catch up with this one, as I remembered seeing a trailer or images when it ran as part of Fantasia but never managed to get screener access, and it's been so long that I more or less just recognized the name when it popped up...

Just Made It Fit: Days and Prisoners of the Ghostland

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The Brattle's schedule came out before I booked my trip to Washington, DC, so I did, in fact, spend a fair amount of time hemming and hawing about whether or not I wanted to fly 450 miles to see baseball the same weekend that would likely be the only...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.09: The Asian Angel and Joint

By: Jay's Movie Blog


No 2021.08? Well, what can I say, 2021's weird - not much marked as "Day 08" for Fantasia that I caught, and then it was off to the Big Apple! So, this would have seemed like a bigger deal if I were posting these updates in a timely fas...

Movies on Vacation: Blue Bayou and The Wife of a Spy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Seeing movies on vacation is always a bit odd, because it's hard not to think "I didn't need to travel 450 miles to do this", but then again, what do most people do in the evenings on vacation? The museums all close at 5:30pm, only one of...

Mackenyu, Sean Bean & More to Star in Live-Action Saint Seiya Movie

By: ComingSoon.net


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition and […] The post Mackenyu, Sean Bean & More to Star in Live-Action Saint Seiya Movie appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.07: Indemnity, Hold Me Back, and Ghosting Gloria

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Yikes, has it been a month? I can't even say it's been that busy at the day job and outside of movies, but sometimes you just can't get traction. I hope I've got some good notes here. Anyway, this is roughly the one-week mark for the festivals, ri...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.04: Bull and Tokyo Revengers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Fun accidental double feature here, with the Sunday virtual second screening of Bull and in-person-in-Montreal screening of Tokyo Revengers both featuring movies that involve trying to right wrongs after a ten year break, just with that break running...

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Trailer Teases Netflix Debut

By: ComingSoon.net


Netflix has announced that the upcoming fifth season of the […] The post JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Trailer Teases Netflix Debut appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.03: Pompo: The Cinephile and Tin Can

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Two scheduled screenings from north of the border on Saturday, albeit opposite ends of the day - Pompo played at 1pm and Tin Can at 9:30pm - and pretty close to the opposite ends of what Fantasia is as a festival: The first is a Japanese import that...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.00-01: Kratt, Not Quite Dead Yet, Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break, Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist, and Brain Freeze

By: Jay's Movie Blog


In a typical year, I'm taking a bunch of time off work and heading up to Montreal for most of July, which means that going down to New York for a weekend beforehand is kind of hard to justify, although that hasn't stopped me in the past. Last year w...

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