Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.09: The Asian Angel and Joint

By: Jay's Movie Blog


No 2021.08? Well, what can I say, 2021's weird - not much marked as "Day 08" for Fantasia that I caught, and then it was off to the Big Apple! So, this would have seemed like a bigger deal if I were posting these updates in a timely fas...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


How is Stretch? I ask because Joe Carnahan had a nice little run going with Smokin' Aces, The A-Team, and The Grey about ten years ago, and then that movie comes out and he's stuck in TV for the next six or seven years, at least in terms of directin...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021 Extra: Raging Fire

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Does it count as a festival detour if a film plays the festival you're covering, but you watch it at a regular theater? Points for when you're trying to decompress after a movie-packed weekend trip to New York City and overnight train trip home (whi...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021.06: Hotel Poseidon and Baby Money

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Fairly narrow windows of availability during this virtual festival had me watching Giving Birth to a Butterfly and Hotel Poseidon back-to-back, two films with surreal elements that may be revealing just in terms of what I'm up for. Butterfly is 77 m...

IFFBoston 2021.09-11: First Date, Luzzo, Last Night in Rozzie, Weed & Wine, The Gig Is Up, and How It Ends

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One of the useful things about the way IFFBoston ran this festival online is that, when either my second vaccine shot on Friday (14 May 2021) or just being out and about all had me pretty wiped out at the end of the day, I could basically just push t...

Brotherhood of Blades x2

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Back a couple months ago, I wondered if Lu Yang's Brotherhood of Blades movies were so big and great that he got carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with A Writer's Odyssey, because it sure felt like the sort of thing where producers were almost a...

Take Out Girl Trailer for True-Life-Inspired Dramatic Thriller



The film is set to hit digital platforms on May 18. The post Take Out Girl Trailer for True-Life-Inspired Dramatic Thriller appeared first on

John Cameron Mitchell Joins Kate McKinnon in Joe Exotic Miniseries



McKinnon is set to star as Carole Baskin The post John Cameron Mitchell Joins Kate McKinnon in Joe Exotic Miniseries appeared first on

Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon Enters Production



The ensemble cast will be led by Jesse Plemons, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro The post Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon Enters Production appeared first on

Álex de la Iglesia in 4K: Perdita Durango & The Day of the Beast

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I jest in the review of The Day of the Beast that Severin probably got a nice boost for these 4K disc releases from HBO showing a pretty damn great horror series from Álex de la Iglesia early in the year, but the two discs with the same release date...

Chow Yun-Fat Reluctantly Returns to His Triad Roots (with a Wong Kar-Wai side-trip): Flaming Brothers & Triads: The Inside Story

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Here's how choosing movies goes for me right now: I was going to watch the 2017 Godzilla on Wednesday night, but since it was 3-D and I didn't want to try and eat with the glasses on, I figured I'd watch something short-ish before hand, and the 95-m...

The Brasher Doubloon

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There. No-one can say I haven't reviewed all four Philip Marlowe movies made in the 1940s despite how I've occasionally mentioned how weird it is that four different studios did one, each with a different lead actor, in such a short span of time. I...

Noir City 2020.01: The Black Vampire & Panic

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, this technically makes it a Boston-area festival, right? Okay, that's a reach, as is "this probably would have been the lineup for Noir City Boston at the Brattle", but so what? If there's any series festival shrugging off borders...

Fantasia 2020.14 (and NYAFF 2020.01): Legally Declared Dead, A Witness Out of the Blue, I WeirDO, Ròm, Chasing Dream, and 12 Hour Shift

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I thought I was done after "Day 12", but just as I was wrapping up (and getting to move onto the New York Asian Film Festival's online event) I got an email from Hong Kong with a screener link for closing night film Legally Declared Dead, a...

Fantasia 2020.10: Minor Premise, Born of Woman 2020, and Sanzaru

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Go figure, the two-plus-hour group of short features took some effort to get through. Good news/bad news is that the last few days only have a few "scheduled" items that have screeners, so maybe I'll be able to catch up a bit. I struggled...

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