Lucky Grandma

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm not sure how much longer folks will be able to do this and Thousand Pieces of Gold as a double feature via the Brattle's virtual screening room, but I suspect they pair well, with different tones and periods but two intriguing women sometimes wre...

This Week in (Virtual) Tickets: 11 May 2020 - 17 May 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think this is the first week of lockdown where I went in with the goal of actually watching a movie every night, and I think it went pretty okay. I started out by noting that the Brattle recommended Dave Made a Maze as their #BreakYourAlgorithm...

Michael Bay to Produce Pandemic Thriller Songbird



Are you ready for the first of many pandemic-themed Hollywood flicks? The post Michael Bay to Produce Pandemic Thriller Songbird appeared first on

Free Country

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Even if it's a $10 rental rather than a $5 ticket, I must admit, I kind of like having the whole weekend to see one of the German-language films that Goethe-Institut brings to the Coolidge rather than trying to get there at 11am on Sunday. The crowd...

Made in Hong Kong: Shatter & Call of Heroes

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This week's entry in "don't even let the new arrivals make it to the new arrivals shelf" is Shatter, which I didn't even know existed until I was writing up Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires a couple weeks ago and saw that not only did Hammer...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 4: Dance with Me, Ode to Nothing, Fly Me to the Saitama, L'Intervention, A Good Woman Is Hard to Find, Black Magic for White Boys, The Father's Shadow, and Door Lock

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Yeah, I'm looking at the dates I saw these movies and the dates I've posted full reviews on eFilmCritic and just kind of sighing. Insert the usual comments about how I need to commit to cranking through things faster, not working my day job during t...

This Week in Tickets: 6 April 2020 - 12 April 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I really miss movie theaters, guys. Pretty decent run in my living room, though. I mentioned last week that I seemed to have trouble breaking the habit of scrolling through my Twitter feed or whatever during the evening hours, and managed to con...

Modern Fantasy in the Golden Age of Cinema: Supernatural & I Married a Witch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Friday night's "off-the-shelf" double feature started from the idea that the latest thing to arrive might as well not even make it on the shelf - I pre-ordered Supernatural when I saw it on an upcoming releases list a month or so ago just b...

This Week Month in Tickets: 2 March 2020 - 29 March 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's been an unusual month, to say the least. It starts normal enough, heading into the Somerville Theatre for Portrait of a Lady on Fire because I'd dilly-dallied a bit in seeing in and figured it might not be around when I got back (fo...

The Invisible Man '20

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Oh, crap, I'm going to get more emails and comments about not liking that other version again, aren't I? And it seems like they've just stopped. At any rate, it's well worth checking this one out in the nice theaters - there was good rumble in the...

The Man Standing Next

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Huh. I remember this story having more in the way of prostitutes and black comedy in The President's Last Bang (which is apparently not available to watch in high definition, which somehow boggles my mind). Might have to check that one out again. U...

Short Stuff: The 2019 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Though I'll be watching the Oscars on Sunday with no small amount of interest in who receives awards, I genuinely do believe that the most important part of awards season is the period between nominations being announced and the actual ceremony; it's...

Things to Come: The Birth of Sci-Fi Cinema at the Brattle

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The Brattle Theatre is doing a year-long series of series for science fiction film this year, which is quite obviously a Thing I Am Excited About, enough so that I hunkered down for most of a series for the first time in months, perhaps longer if fes...

This Week in Tickets: 27 January 2020 - 2 February 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I hate the reason that it happened, but I would have run myself completely ragged going to movies if the Lunar New Year Movies hadn't all been cancelled/postponed. It's fairly rare for me to run the table for a series at the Brattle these days, a...

Color Out of Space

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, this is getting a second week at Kendall Square! Not surprising just in terms of it doing well for them - there was a good crowd when I went to see it Sunday night, and you don't exactly get a good crowd for anything on Sunday night - but it's...

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