Junkie XL to Compose the Score for Alita: Battle Angel Soundtrack

By: ComingSoon.net


The film will debut on February 2019 The post Junkie XL to Compose the Score for Alita: Battle Angel Soundtrack appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

Fantasia 2018.14: Blue My Mind and Anna and the Apocalypse

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Remember what I said about patterns being easy to see when you have short schedule days? It was teenage girls having high school go to hell yesterday. I can't say I loved Blue My Mind, but it's not exactly for me in one sense, though I suppose it i...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 4: Thousand Cuts, A Thousand Junkies, Attraction, Jailbreak, Fashionista, Geek Girls, Mumon: Land of Stealth, Lu Over the Wall, Prey, and The Endless

By: Jay's Movie Blog


And that's 72 feature films reviewed on eFilmCritic for Fantasia, give or take - it's not counting A Taxi Driver, which opened in Boston the week I got back and was thus skipped in Montreal accordingly, but is counting Valerian and the City of a Thou...

The Fantasia Daily, 2013.07 (24 July 2013): Uzumasa Jacopetti, OXV: The Manual, and Black Out

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not much touristy stuff yesterday - I think it's really going to be backloaded this vacation. And, actually, I wasn't too distressed about it - the temperature had dropped 30 degrees (Fahrenheit, 17-ish Celcius) in the past couple of days and I hadn...

Bangkok Revenge & some Fantasia catch-up

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The funny thing about this movie's walkouts - and, yes, it is kind of sad that blogging about China Lion releases inevitably has a "Walkout Watch" section - is that the first couple seemed to come right when they realized that there were go...

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