Fantasia 2019.10: Ride Your Wave, The Prey, Born of Woman '19, The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, and 8

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is there a place near Concordia that does a nice, simple omurice? It was all that the little girl in It Comes wanted and apparently the comfort food of choice for the couple in Ride Your Wave. A dish shows up twice in less than 48 hours at a film f...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 4: Thousand Cuts, A Thousand Junkies, Attraction, Jailbreak, Fashionista, Geek Girls, Mumon: Land of Stealth, Lu Over the Wall, Prey, and The Endless

By: Jay's Movie Blog


And that's 72 feature films reviewed on eFilmCritic for Fantasia, give or take - it's not counting A Taxi Driver, which opened in Boston the week I got back and was thus skipped in Montreal accordingly, but is counting Valerian and the City of a Thou...

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I had no idea that this was a Netflix production before their logo popped up before the film and thus had me a little surprised it was playing theaters at all. I suspect it's gone from Kendall Square on Friday, either because it doesn't draw when a...

Fantasia 2017.17: Attraction, "Cocolors", Jailbreak, and Fashionista

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The last weekend of the festival is best described as "there are many things you want to see and the fact that there are only a couple days left means there are far fewer second chances on the schedule, so suck it up and make choices you don't w...

IFFBoston 2015 Day #03: Angkor's Children and Shorts Delta (including "World of Tomorrow")

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Theory: Film festivals in one's hometown are more exhausting because of the stupid urge to multi-task. I can write and make sure the DVR doesn't get too full at the same time! There's time to pick up some groceries after the movie! Etc., etc. Som...

This That Week In Tickets: 7 April 2014 - 13 April 2014

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Ah, the first full week of April, when we were still so excited for the upcoming baseball season: That's the fourth game of the Red Sox' first homestand, and the first one they won at Fenway. The real trouble wouldn't start for a while. I planne...

L'image Manquante (The Missing Picture)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The story from the first paragraph of the EFC review is absolutely true - the bus I take home seemed to skip a circuit, so by the time I was at Central Square on the Red Line, I was doing the math that said it would take a few minutes to get from her...

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