IFFBoston 2019.03: Pizza: A Love Story and Not for Resale

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Both Thursday and Friday wound up being loosely-themed double features for me, though Nancy and the rest of the Festival team don't necessarily plan it that way (I did have to get on the T between Them That Follow and The Death of Dick Long for my &q...

IFFBoston 2019.05: One Child Nation, The Pollinators, Cold Case Hammarskjöld, and For the BIrds

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Sunday at IFFBoston wasn't quite planned as a documentary day but wound up that way once the overlapping showtimes, need to get back and forth on the subway (though I think this was the first year in a long time when the MBTA didn't have the Red Line...

IFFBoston 2019.02: Them That Follow & The Death of Dick Long

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So very late. Mostly because I've been busy with fun things, sure, and because I was trying to catch up with the previous festival, but also because the plan of doing quick write-ups on Letterboxd while waiting in line apparently didn't happen with...

Fantasia 2019.01: Swallow and The Art of Self-Defense

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Ah, the annual trip to Montreal, which went weirdly smoothly - I got up early, made it to South Station with plenty of time despite the Red Line being messed up in recent weeks, had no issues with Greyhound or the border, and the room I'd rented on A...

IFFBoston 2019.01: Luce

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A bit weird to talk about opening night of IFFBoston after I've already tackled the end, but it's the movies. Think of it as one of those times when the movie opens with a flash-forward to the climax, and try to forget all the times I've said that t...

IFFBoston 2019.07: The Farewell

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This movie opens Friday, I travel Thursday, and writing up everything else has me three months behind on this festival, so I'm starting at the end. The festival ended, as has become traditional, at Coolidge Corner with Amiko Tamagawa (left) taking...

Next Week in Tickets: Films playing Boston 26 April 2019 - 2 May 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Only one thing going on at the movies this weekend, and we all know what that is! That's right, it's the week of Independent Film Festival Boston, which started this past Wednesday and runs through the First, taking up all five screens (and, at time...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.180: Roma

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I very nearly wound up skipping the last day of the Fall Focus entirely - the closing night film sold out before I could buy my tickets, but that was okay because it's not like I really wanted to deprive anyone who wanted to see the new Yorgos Lanthi...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.179: Cold War, Rafiki, Shoplifters, and Vox Lux

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Today in unintentional themes, the power of pop music. Cold War lights up when "Rock Around the Clock" plays on a jukebox, Rafiki opens with a sort of poppy score that probably had me liking the movie as a whole a lot more for the good moo...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.178: Wildlife and Border

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another year, another opportunity to point out that, despite it being as far away from the main festival on the calendar as possible, the Fall Focus is a bit part of what makes the Independent Film Festival Boston great. Folks don't just crave good...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.06: The World Before Your Feet and Under the Tree

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Both during the film and the Q&A for The World Before Your Fee, Matt Green (left) says he's a year and a half behind on his blog, and, brother, I feel ya - note the 57-day lag between seeing this film and posting the completed review and my mild...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.07: Disobedience and Damsel

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another day, another jump out of order to accommodate the fact that these movies are coming out faster than my lazy brain can review them. Disobedience hit theaters practically as soon as the festival ended, so it got a review on EFC right away and...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.05: Nothing Is Truer Than Truth, We The Animals, The Third Murder, and Beast

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It would have been a pretty easy day to just plop down at one venue, arriving at the Brattle by 1pm and getting back on the Red Line at ten-thirty or so, but I'm not going to lie: I had no interest in seeing the third movie about the Grey Gardens si...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.04: Tre Maison Dasan, The New Fire, Never Goin' Back, and Don't Leave Home

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Ah, Saturday at IFFBoston, the longest day. It used to be you could squeeze five movies out of the festival this day - they would know who the truly hardcore were by who raised their hand for 18 movies at the last show and who had managed 19, but no...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2018.08: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Jumping ahead to closing night of the festival because I am slow and distracted and the release of this particular movie has caught up with me, and based upon the larger-than-usual number of likes friends and family gave when I posted the quick versi...

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