Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Every year that I write one of these wrap-ups, I point out that it's an awful shame that this collection of Oscar-nominated short films is the best chance many will get to see this kind of production which isn't expanded to a commercially-viable leng...

Short Stuff: The 2017 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Or, "The 2018 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (Animation)", as the program would have it. They can say that officially so that it doesn't look stale, but I say that the proper title ought to refer to the year the films were released, and not the on...

Fantasia 2017.04: Wild Blood, Outer Limits of Animation, Animals, Replace and Tokyo Ghoul

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If it had just been one shorts program the first weekend of the festival, I might have been able to keep up. But two on consecutive days, and it's going to take me a long time to get those shorts written up, enough that it made sense for my process...

Fantasia 2017.21: Indiana, Le Manoir, Kills on Wheels, and The Night Watchmen

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've been coming to Fantasia for twelve or thirteen years now and I think I've only ended on the big closing night film once or twice. The first year or two, I wasn't doing the whole thing; for many years, they added encore screenings after the offi...

Fantasia 2017.17: Attraction, "Cocolors", Jailbreak, and Fashionista

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The last weekend of the festival is best described as "there are many things you want to see and the fact that there are only a couple days left means there are far fewer second chances on the schedule, so suck it up and make choices you don't w...

Fantasia 2017.16: Thousand Cuts, Darkland, A Thousand Junkies, Fritz Lang, and Innocent Curse

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A day that really went back and forth. That's Thousand Cuts director Eric Valette, who does that really enjoyable thing where the director of a grim, bloody, no-messing-around thriller is actually tremendously animated and genial in person, respon...

Fantasia 2017.14: 78/52, Friendly Beast, November, You Only Live Once, and DJ XL5's Cataclysmic Zappin' Party

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Busy day, kind of weird at spots, too: The director of 78/52 couldn't be there, but producers Annick Mahnert and Kerry Deignan Roy were, flanking King-Wei Chu during their post-screening Q&A. They mentioned that much of this project actually...

Fantasia 2017.15: M.F.A., Drib, Town in a Lake, Dead Man Tells His Own Tale, and Good Time

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A bit longer than I expected, as I was putting it at 50/50 that Dead Man Tells His Own Tale wouldn't let out in time for me to get into the night's big attraction, and it was close enough that I wondered if I should walk away, get an early start on w...

Fantasia 2017.08: House of the Disappeared, Cold Hell, and Shinjuku Swan II

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Having been to Australia by way of China last fall, and made sure to plan out the vacation so that I'd have enough time to make the travel worth it, I must say, I admire the heck out of people who make those long flights to appear at a film festival...

Fantasia 2017.07: Have a Nice Day, Sequence Break, Poor Agnes, and Plan B

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Aaaah, spent the morning being available in case they needed me for my job while most of the team met in Frisco, TX, but not necessarily sad that they didn't much. So glad to be in Montreal rather than Frisco, if only for not being in the room for a...

Fantasia 2017.03: International Sci-Fi Shorts, Mohawk, and Game of Death

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Loose schedule, but lots of guests! These good people are from the International Sci-Fi Shorts, with "Haskell" director James Allen Smith to the left of the hostess and "Hum" director Stefano Nurra, "The Sleepers" dir...

Fantasia 2017.02: Tilt, Super Dark Times, Killing Ground, and Museum

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Forgot my phone at the apartment, which was no big deal - there were no guests or anything for horrible photography - although it slowed down my plan of "post to my Letterboxd page for a first draft/outline, fill out later" - but probably d...

Independent Film Festival Boston 2017.06: Gook and "Shorts Juliett"

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Best two-screening day of the film festival, although perhaps the worst photography. I was kind of undecided what I was going to watch Monday night, and I joked on Twitter that I opted for Gook because I would be able to just go into the theater wh...

BUFF 2017.05: Trinity, Get the Balance Right, Hidden Reserves, Dave Made a Maze, and Bitch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Busy, guest-filled day to close out this particular festival, and no place to take much of a breather, either. First-up with the Sunday-noon movie, with Izzy Lee, Skip Shea, David Graziano, Sean Carmichael, Aurora Grabill, and Diana Porter repping...

BUFF 2017.04: Fraud, Neighborhood Food Drive, Most Beautiful Island, and The Void

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It figures - the times when BUFF has two screens running, there are tricky choices, but when there’s just the one, it’s something I’ve seen elsewhere and don’t need to do again. On the other hand, that does leave one a nice window for the gr...

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