IFFBoston 2021.02: The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet and A Reckoning in Boston

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is it just me, or is anyone else watching Brian Tamm's intro to these movies, especially the ones labeled "Generic Somerville" or "Generic Brattle", and seeing if they map to where they think the films in question would play durin...

Noir City 2020.01: The Black Vampire & Panic

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, this technically makes it a Boston-area festival, right? Okay, that's a reach, as is "this probably would have been the lineup for Noir City Boston at the Brattle", but so what? If there's any series festival shrugging off borders...

Fantasia On-Demand Preview 2020.03: La Dosis (and Fly Me to the Saitama)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another short "day", as only three movies were set to have their embargo lifted Saturday and one of them was a "Fantasia Classic" that I saw (and greatly enjoyed) at last year's event. The third, Hail to the Deadites, I may catch...

Fantasia 2018 Catch-Up 04: Chained for Life, Blue My Mind, A Rough Draft, Bleach, Laughing Under the Clouds, Punk Samurai Slash Down, Terrified, Number 37, Cinderella the Cat, The Brink '18, and What a Man Wants

By: Jay's Movie Blog


How do you manage to be able to keep writing reviews for films you saw at a festival that ended eight months ago and mark your progress in doing so? Drawing that "X" is incredibly satisfying, and I've managed to do it 82 times for Fantas...

Fantasia 2018.18: Penguin Highway, International Science Fiction Shorts, Circo Animato, One Cut of the Dead, and Five Fingers for Marseilles

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I am not sure whether having two shorts programs on the same day is sensible or crazy, but it probably means that this particular post will wind up very late, though only this post. Plenty of filmmakers, though! So, for the International Sci-Fi s...

Fantasia 2018.17: Bleach, Laughing Under the Clouds, Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, Punk Samurai Slash Down, and Terrified

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The rare long all-Hall day, although that's in part because I could feel myself winding down during Terrified and wasn't going to swipe a seat from somebody who wouldn't fall asleep during The Oily Maniac. Enjoyably crowded all day, although with a...

Fantasia 2017 catch-up, part 3: The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue; Almost Coming, Almost Dying; Death Note: Light Up the New World; 78/52; Friendly Beast; November; You Only Live Once; M.F.A.; and DRIB

By: Jay's Movie Blog


With the IFFBoston Fall Focus going on now and an actual non-film festival vacation coming up, I'm making the decision to punt on the last two unreviewed films of day #15, Town in a Lake and Dead Man Tells His Own Tale). It's been three months, my i...

Fantasia 2017.14: 78/52, Friendly Beast, November, You Only Live Once, and DJ XL5's Cataclysmic Zappin' Party

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Busy day, kind of weird at spots, too: The director of 78/52 couldn't be there, but producers Annick Mahnert and Kerry Deignan Roy were, flanking King-Wei Chu during their post-screening Q&A. They mentioned that much of this project actually...

Fantasia 2017.15: M.F.A., Drib, Town in a Lake, Dead Man Tells His Own Tale, and Good Time

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A bit longer than I expected, as I was putting it at 50/50 that Dead Man Tells His Own Tale wouldn't let out in time for me to get into the night's big attraction, and it was close enough that I wondered if I should walk away, get an early start on w...

Fantasia 2016.05 (18 July 2016): White Coffin and La Rage du Démon

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Short movie day at the festival, because basically every movie I'd seen elsewhere - The Eyes of My Mother, Three, Karaoke Crazies, and The Wailing was scheduled for Monday, which was not convenient - you kind of lie them spread out, giving more of a...

This Those Week In Tickets: 1 March 2015 - 14 March 2015

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Today in plans I had before falling waaay behind: A fair-sized post or two reviewing the silent movies I caught locally before heading to San Francisco for even more. But, on the other hand, look at those pages - as much as I love silents, th...

Screenings I shouldn't have bene able to make it to: Jauja & Archie's Betty

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and was at the bus station in plenty of time to catch the 8am to Portland, ME, and was walking up to the counter when I discovered that I didn't have my photo ID in my wallet. You need one of t...

Wild Tales

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Today in funny coincidences: I've got a co-worker who spent part of her youth in the small town where I grew up, and while that is not completely unlikely - North Yarmouth, Maine is a small town (my graduating class was about 100 students, but kids...

The Fantastic Fest Daily 2014.02: Force Majeure, Redeemer, Over Your Dead Body, "Rabbit 105", "The Chaperone", Necrofobia, and Wyrmwood

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Again, not much time (there will be a few hours of dead space later, but I won't be uploading then), so let's get straight to some horrible photography: From Redeemer, Noah Segan, Marko Zaror, director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, and host Tim League!

The Maze Runner and the last Fantasia catch up.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I actually finished the review for Welcome to New York on the flight from Boston to Houston, so I think it's fair to say that I did, in fact, finish all my Fantasia business before Fantastic Fest, even if I am actually posting from the ground in Aust...

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