By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm mildly curious about why Furie opened at South Bay rather than Boston Common - is it just a case of that being where there was room, is there a fair-sized Vietnamese community in Dorchester, or is there some other factor I'm not particularly awar...

Hong-Kong-a-Thon 2: Project S, Hot War, Eastern Condors, Beast Cops, Bloody Friday, and Full Contact

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There was a brief moment when I looked at the announcement of the second annual Hong-Kong-a-Thon, thought that it took place the same weekend as the Boston Sci-Fi Marathon, and thought "you know what, I could probably do that!" This would...

This Week in Tickets: 28 January 2019 -3 February 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Explain to me, world, why I can be starting this entry at 1am in the morning, only kind of tired, but I can't make it through midnight movies anymore. I hate that blank first page, but it was cold and theaters were playing things at weird times l...

This Week in Tickets: 21 January 2019 - 27 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I didn't exactly think I'd go all year without overlapping tickets thanks to this new, larger calendar/scrapbook, but I thought it would last until I got to Icon for the first time. Once again, I would like to praise short features, as the 35mm d...

This Week in Tickets: 7 January 2019 - 13 January 2019

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If I made New Year's Resolutions, they might involve giving up even the attempt at midnight movies. But I don't so I didn't so here we are. The week started off with Sisters at the Brattle, which has apparently been recently restored and looks n...

Those Weeks in Tickets: 17 December 2018 - 30 December 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Christmas smack in the middle of this period, so really no time to do a TWIT for the first week on its own. Another day off on Monday the 17th, and I pre-purchased tickets for They Shall Not Grow Old in 3D that afternoon so that I could make i...

This These Weeks in Tickets: 15 October 2018 - 4 November 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


All that blue takes a while to write up, but it was a pretty fair Fall focus weekend. First up, All About Nina, which I'd anticipated based upon the cast of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common, but wound up not really liking much, getting me more...

Fantasia 2018 Catchup 01: Madeline's Madeline, Hanagatami, Unity of Heores, True Fiction, Buffalo Boys, Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura, Cold Skin, Relaxer, and Heavy Trip

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Okay, this is taking longer than expected, but, to be fair, there is a lot of other stuff coming out that needs/wants writing up. Maybe I'll pick up speed writing while watching baseball and as it gets cooler out, but I really wasn't expecting to ha...

L Storm

By: Jay's Movie Blog


You know what's fun - when you go to a movie kind of out of a sense of obligation because you've seen the previous two and didn't really hate them, and find that it's kind of fun. L Storm is not the best thing to come out of Hong Kong lately, but it...

This Week in Tickets: 13 August 2018 - 19 August 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One of the awesome nieces had a birthday this week, which is the best way to have one's moviegoing time limited, what with the shopping, traveling, and exchanging presents for a slice of cake. The week was actually hot enough that I kind of found...

Tokyo, Seoul, and Europe Raiders

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I kind of put much more effort into seeing Europe Raiders than this not-very-good movie deserves, Yes, sure, you absolutely see the Hong Kong movie when it plays - which has actually been more often of late, as the mainland ones due for release have...

Fantasia 2018.17: Bleach, Laughing Under the Clouds, Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, Punk Samurai Slash Down, and Terrified

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The rare long all-Hall day, although that's in part because I could feel myself winding down during Terrified and wasn't going to swipe a seat from somebody who wouldn't fall asleep during The Oily Maniac. Enjoyably crowded all day, although with a...

Fantasia 2018.06: Mega Time Squad, Room Laundering, and The Blonde Fury

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Monday could have made Tuesday really short, but I actually kind of like that I had the big gap between Mega Time Squad from 1pm to 3pm and Room Laundering at 7:25pm - it's entirely possible I would have sat at the computer straight through the after...

Fantasia 2018.03: Hanagatami, Unity of Heroes, True Fiction, Buffalo Boys, and Summer of '84

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was not a great day to have a cold, folks. Not only was it a five-film day, but almost all of them seemed to be dragged out in one way or another. Just got myself a whole bunch of cold medicine, so I'll probably be in better shape over the nex...

Fantasia 2018.02: Last Child, Microhabitat, and Five Fingers of Death

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Friday the 13th and no horror for me. Heck, all Korean directors, which is no mean feat give that the third film of the day was Hong Kong action. Sorry it's short, but there were no guests and the first movie today is early. My plans for Day 2 inc...

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