Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's almost ancient history now, but there was a point when the conventional wisdom was that superhero movies would rise and fall on their villains. The heroes, after all, wore masks and were simple do-gooders who had to be around for the next movie...

Fantasia/New York Asian Film Festivals 2021 Extra: Raging Fire

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Does it count as a festival detour if a film plays the festival you're covering, but you watch it at a regular theater? Points for when you're trying to decompress after a movie-packed weekend trip to New York City and overnight train trip home (whi...

Adventures in the Third Dimension: Windows and Dynasty

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I haven't watched nearly as much on my shelf as I thought I would during the pandemic; I get decision paralysis staring at it, and even with the stuff in virtual theaters, I find myself thinking that I just won't enjoy it as much as I would in person...

Hong Kong Comic-Book Adventures: The Storm Riders & The Storm Warriors

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One of the places I didn't get to see when I went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago - it had apparently moved back to a new-old location after my guidebook saw print and my phone wasn't giving me much help - was the comics museum, Comix Home Base.

Chinese New Year 2021: Endgame and A Writer's Odyssey (plus Hidden Man)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate! A bit late, but the last year's been the last year, so I didn't get to the first of the two holiday releases that CMC is importing to the USA until its second week, and then my brain wouldn't come togeth...

I Wasn't Really Seeing This as a Double Feature, But...: 76 Days and Monk Comes Down the Mountain

By: Jay's Movie Blog


"Stuff from China" is a nebulous-enough theme weekend, but I figured (based upon my previous experience with works of these filmmakers that I'd seen at Fantasia) they might be a little closer. 76 Days was sort of locked in for the Saturday...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


To give some idea of how not-busy movie theaters are on a weekday evening at the moment, the AMC at Boston Common is using a single standard-sized elevator as the only way to get to the 17 screens (out of 19) on the third floor - and it's not close t...

Fantasia 2020.11: Undergods and The Paper Tigers

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This would have been a pretty good Sunday, I think, especially if the cast and crew of The Paper Tigers were to be on-hand. The Paper Tigers was also where I got to a point where I was really looking for good, straightforward stuff and prioritized t...

Fantasia On-Demand Preview 2020.04: Crazy Samurai Musashi (plus Sheep Without a Shepherd and Fantasia Classics)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I thought I'd be doing more of these, but I got caught up watching a couple baseball games (which is stupid, because the Red Sox are awful this year and take a long time to lose), but there's going to be plenty of time over the next couple of weeks t...

This Week in (Virtual) Tickets: 13 July 2020 - 9 August 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This is what you might call an extremely lockdown-inspired chunk of movie-watching, from "I can do this big project" to "I don't want to do anything" to virtual theater streaming to stuff you've always meant to get around to. It'...

This Week in (Virtual) Tickets: 27 April 2020 - 3 May 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've got to find something to do to make these pages a little more interesting, just for myself looking at them. Maybe screenshot the theaters' virtual cinema pages or cut up the little advertising cards in some of the discs. I kept a little bus...

Made in Hong Kong: Shatter & Call of Heroes

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This week's entry in "don't even let the new arrivals make it to the new arrivals shelf" is Shatter, which I didn't even know existed until I was writing up Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires a couple weeks ago and saw that not only did Hammer...

Hammer Time: Frankenstein Created Woman and Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm not a big Hammer guy in part because I'm just not a big horror guy. I've grown to like horror movies well enough, and appreciate what you can say with them, but I've never quite gotten into horror for the sake of horror. I will watch your zombi...

This Week in Tickets: 6 April 2020 - 12 April 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I really miss movie theaters, guys. Pretty decent run in my living room, though. I mentioned last week that I seemed to have trouble breaking the habit of scrolling through my Twitter feed or whatever during the evening hours, and managed to con...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon & Sword of Destiny

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I do not believe the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon played the Boston area at all; the Weinstein Company, Netflix, and Imax struggled to find the right one-week window and the logical place to show it (AMC Boston Common) was just not going...

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