IFFBoston 2021.02: The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet and A Reckoning in Boston

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Is it just me, or is anyone else watching Brian Tamm's intro to these movies, especially the ones labeled "Generic Somerville" or "Generic Brattle", and seeing if they map to where they think the films in question would play durin...

The Brasher Doubloon

By: Jay's Movie Blog


There. No-one can say I haven't reviewed all four Philip Marlowe movies made in the 1940s despite how I've occasionally mentioned how weird it is that four different studios did one, each with a different lead actor, in such a short span of time. I...

"Carole Lombard Collection": Fast And Loose, Man of the World, and A Man of Her Own

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It's kind of strange that Carole Lombard isn't really the star of any of the three movies in Kino Lorber's Carole Lombard Collection (Volume 1), but maybe that's what you're going to find in any early sampling of a star's career - the movies where yo...

(More) Netflix Award Contenders: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Mank

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I've been joking with friends about how I wouldn't be terribly shocked if Netflix was paying them to open so that they could tell various directors that, yes, your movie did open in the top 20 markets as per your contract. Look, here's a blog from a...

Noir City 2020.01: The Black Vampire & Panic

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, this technically makes it a Boston-area festival, right? Okay, that's a reach, as is "this probably would have been the lineup for Noir City Boston at the Brattle", but so what? If there's any series festival shrugging off borders...

These Weeks in (Virtual) Tickets: 1 June 2020 - 21 June 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not many movies over the past few weeks, but sometimes you just feel good about accomplishing something. In my case, it's finally finishing up the last of my Fantasia Festival reviews from last year, with nearly a whole month to spare befor...

L.A. 3-D Movie Fest Online #3 (21 June 2020)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Time flies, sort of - I saw L.A. 3-D SPACE had events which could become online events scheduled for roughly the third Sunday of every month, but this still caught me by surprise when I navigated to YouTube for something else earlier in the weekend a...

Fantasia 2019 Catch-up, Part 5: House of Hummingbird, Shooting the Mafia, Lake Michigan Monster, Night God, Koko-Di Koko-Da, Les Particules

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Tired: "Oh, man, it's taken me almost the whole year to review everything from Fantasia; I'm a terrible critic who won't be credentialed next year because it takes me forever!" Wired: "F--- yeah, look at me stretching that content o...

These Weeks in (Virtual) Tickets: 18 May 2020 - 31 May 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Putting a ticket to a ballgame that wasn't played in because I'd like to see the page broken up a little and to remind me later that all of this doing nothing wasn't entirely a choice. I might very well have been weak given the option. I got...

This Week in (Virtual) Tickets: 11 May 2020 - 17 May 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think this is the first week of lockdown where I went in with the goal of actually watching a movie every night, and I think it went pretty okay. I started out by noting that the Brattle recommended Dave Made a Maze as their #BreakYourAlgorithm...

At the slightest provocation: Deluge (and The Back Page)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Some people, when they see a cool clip of New York City being taken out by a tidal wave from a movie early in the talkie era, watch it, say "cool!", and then, like, move on to the next hundred things in their Twitter feed. I, apparently, s...

This Week in Tickets: 6 April 2020 - 12 April 2020

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I really miss movie theaters, guys. Pretty decent run in my living room, though. I mentioned last week that I seemed to have trouble breaking the habit of scrolling through my Twitter feed or whatever during the evening hours, and managed to con...

3-D Rarities Volume II, including El corazón y la espada

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another bit of "let's not even let new stuff make it onto the shelf as the pre-order gets delivered a bit late, but it's no big deal. You are probably not buying this particular Blu-ray unless you already have a ton of stuff on the shelf that y...

Modern Fantasy in the Golden Age of Cinema: Supernatural & I Married a Witch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Friday night's "off-the-shelf" double feature started from the idea that the latest thing to arrive might as well not even make it on the shelf - I pre-ordered Supernatural when I saw it on an upcoming releases list a month or so ago just b...

Things to Come: The Birth of Sci-Fi Cinema at the Brattle

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The Brattle Theatre is doing a year-long series of series for science fiction film this year, which is quite obviously a Thing I Am Excited About, enough so that I hunkered down for most of a series for the first time in months, perhaps longer if fes...

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