Fantasia 2018.18: Penguin Highway, International Science Fiction Shorts, Circo Animato, One Cut of the Dead, and Five Fingers for Marseilles

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I am not sure whether having two shorts programs on the same day is sensible or crazy, but it probably means that this particular post will wind up very late, though only this post. Plenty of filmmakers, though! So, for the International Sci-Fi s...

Racer and the Jailbird

By: Jay's Movie Blog


That construction in front of the Kendall Square theater is just never going to be done, is it? I feel like I've been going there via the parking garage for a full year now. I was mildly surprised while writing up the "Next Week" entry on...

This Week In Tickets: 7 May 2018 - 13 May 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


When someone reads these things in chronological order, the weird delayed nature of my post-IFFBoston break from movies is going to look a bit odd. But, hey, the Yankees and Red Sox were playing, which means there was highly-stressful televisio...

Boston Underground Film Festival 2018.03: The Queen of Hollywood Blvd & Let the Corpses Tan

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Friday night at the festival, and I felt pretty gassed by the end of the week - it was either the week I ran out of patience with something at work or the next, when I was really throwing myself into trying to get the thing I proposed doing instead o...

The Death of Stalin

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I must admit to being mildly curious how wide this opened and is opening around the country, as it's playing a lot of local theaters in Boston, with multiple screens for several. Is this just something that local theaters thought we would like, the...

Fantasia 2017.04: Wild Blood, Outer Limits of Animation, Animals, Replace and Tokyo Ghoul

By: Jay's Movie Blog


If it had just been one shorts program the first weekend of the festival, I might have been able to keep up. But two on consecutive days, and it's going to take me a long time to get those shorts written up, enough that it made sense for my process...

BUFF 2017.04: Fraud, Neighborhood Food Drive, Most Beautiful Island, and The Void

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It figures - the times when BUFF has two screens running, there are tricky choices, but when there’s just the one, it’s something I’ve seen elsewhere and don’t need to do again. On the other hand, that does leave one a nice window for the gr...

Francophone Oddities: The Brand New Testament & Evolution (2016)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The review of The Brand New Testament went up on Christmas Eve, which kind of amused me, as cheerfully blasphemous as the movie is. I didn’t plan it that way, but it’s kind of fun. These two movies make an interesting pair, in that they’re bo...

MonsterFest 2016.01: Raw

By: Jay's Movie Blog


G'day from Melbourne, where I'm attending the MonsterFest film festival. Sure, it may seem like a strange thing for an American whose family doesn't live that far away to do for Thanksgiving weekend, but many members of that family tend to spend the...

April and the Extraordinary World

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Even before I bought my ticket, I was wondering to myself which niece would be receiving a copy of this for her birthday or Christmas, because, as you might imagine, that's my thing: Getting the girlies the movies that they might not get from anyone...

The Fantasia Daily 2015.20 (2 August 2015): Khalil Gibran's The Prophet, Outer Limits of Animation, Experimenter, Ninja the Monster, and They Look Like People

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think this is about where I start falling way behind every year, for a number of reasons from these short programs taking an undue amount of time to write up to just having written a relatively large number of words for twenty days straight along w...

IFFBoston 2015 Day #03: Angkor's Children and Shorts Delta (including "World of Tomorrow")

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Theory: Film festivals in one's hometown are more exhausting because of the stupid urge to multi-task. I can write and make sure the DVR doesn't get too full at the same time! There's time to pick up some groceries after the movie! Etc., etc. Som...

The Fantastic Fest Daily 2014.08: I Am Here, I Am Trash, Waste Land, and The Treatment

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I didn't have much time to talk about Fantastic Fest while it was going on - midnights every day before an 11am show the next doesn't leave a whole lot of writing time for anything but a few reviews - but one of the things I sort of committed to enjo...

The Fantastic Fest Daily 2014.01: Hardkor Disco, As Seen by the Rest, and Cub

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not a whole lot of time to relate yesterday's airborne adventures, since FF's lottery system means that there must be consequences for missing a movie beyond actually missing the movie. Maybe come T.W.I.T. time. Today's line-up: Force Majeure, Red...

Boston Underground Film Festival 2014.3: Kept, Homegrown Horror, Doomsdays, The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I took the day off work so that I could see Kept, and almost didn't make it in time. That is, apparently, just the way I roll when trying to write during festivals or not going to them straight from work. Anyway, there were plentiful guests on Frid...

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