By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was the movie I intended to see Friday night only to wind up at Arctic, and while I was initially annoyed at all the weekend shows being canceled, it turns out to be a not-awful decision; The Wandering Earth put a lot of butts in seats and there...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not much to say about this one - it's been on a shelf for a while, it got released in a spot where studios generally drop things that are too expensive to not try and recoup via theatrical play but which will get crushed by actual good movies, and it...

This These Weeks in Tickets: 15 October 2018 - 4 November 2018

By: Jay's Movie Blog


All that blue takes a while to write up, but it was a pretty fair Fall focus weekend. First up, All About Nina, which I'd anticipated based upon the cast of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common, but wound up not really liking much, getting me more...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018.07-08: Division 19, Paradoxical, and Framed

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Gonna keep this fairly brief, because a better festival looms, the details of these movies are falling out of the back of my brain, and, not to put too fine a point on it, we're kind of in "if you can't say anything nice…" territory. S...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018.04: Beyond Skyline

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Monday was billed as "Local Film Night" at the festival, and those who have been to this festival (and, I suspect, many others) know that this part of the festival can be perilous as heck, so I'm not necessarily disappointed that they broug...

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018.01: Junk Head & Ayla

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I think the new phone's camera gets cinema marquees better than the old one. So, hey, it's time for the festival that I want to be so much better than it is, and whose moments of actually being pretty good make the rest harder to swallow. That's...

Fantasia 2017.16: Thousand Cuts, Darkland, A Thousand Junkies, Fritz Lang, and Innocent Curse

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A day that really went back and forth. That's Thousand Cuts director Eric Valette, who does that really enjoyable thing where the director of a grim, bloody, no-messing-around thriller is actually tremendously animated and genial in person, respon...

Fantasia 2017.02: Tilt, Super Dark Times, Killing Ground, and Museum

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Forgot my phone at the apartment, which was no big deal - there were no guests or anything for horrible photography - although it slowed down my plan of "post to my Letterboxd page for a first draft/outline, fill out later" - but probably d...

Assassin’s Creed

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I knew this was going to be bad; I spent the last couple of months making variations of the joke in the opening paragraph of the EFC review; I honestly don’t understand why you don’t build the movie around what people know and like about the prop...

Boston Sci-fi Film Festival 2016.06: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Putting my thoughts about this pretty crappy movie down, I couldn't help but think that if someone like local filmmaker Izzy Lee said she wanted to remake it, I would hit the appropriate crowd-finding site kind of hard; as much as she's much more of...

Hardcore Henry

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not much to say about this, since I wound up going because I missed my screening of April and the Extraordinary World and wasn't going to go through the rigmarole of dealing with part of the Red Line being replaced by shuttle-bus service for nothing.

Boston Sci-fi Film Festival 2016.07: Alienation, The Phoenix Incident, and Mafia: Survival Game

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Went out of order on this one, because The Phoenix Incident had a Fathom Events screening on Thursday, so I figured it would make sense to have the review out by then, as that would almost certainly be its biggest release, even if it has a regular re...

Boston Sci-fi Film Festival 2016.01: 400 Days and The Survivalist

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I try to be optimistic about this festival before I'm disappointed, but my most amusing story of this night comes from the disappointment: I walk out of The Survivalist, pretty good and certainly an improvement over the fairly awful first movie of t...

Have some sequels for Chinese New Year: The Monkey King 2 & From Vegas to Macau III

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm not exactly up on my time zones and how Lunar New Year works, but it may have come already by the time this posts, especially in China, where it's a big time for new-release movies, and as those are increasingly arriving in the U.S. day-and-date,...

Gimpy Protagonists and Hidden Monsters: Monster Hunt & The 5th Wave

By: Jay's Movie Blog


News of movies like Pacific Rim or Terminator Genisys having the sort of success at the Chinese box office that might counter their underperformance in America - or of Chinese comedies like Lost in Hong Kong having the sort of opening weekends that g...

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