Saving Paraguayan Ayoreo Culture in 'Nothing But The Sun' Doc Trailer



"All those beliefs are going to disappear." An early promo / sales trailer has debuted for a Paraguayan doc called Nothing But The Sun, made by Paraguayan filmmaker Arami Ullon. The film is premiering at the prestigious IDFA Film Festival for documen...

First International Trailer for Korean Meta Action Comedy Film 'Slate'



"The handler of phoenix, vicious and relentless killer!" Whoa!! A trailer has emerged from the Tokyo Film Festival for a Korean action comedy film titled Slate, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Jo Bareun. This is world premiering at...

Official US Trailer for South Korean Supernatural Thriller 'The Closet'



"Take me with you..." Dark Sky Films has released an official US trailer for the Korean horror thriller The Closet, directed by Kwang-bin Kim. This already opened in South Korea in February this year, and arrives in the US to watch this fall. After S...

Official US Trailer for Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 'To the Ends of the Earth'



"It was like a dream." KimStim Films has released an official trailer for the US release of the Japanese indie film To the Ends of the Earth, one of the latest works by prolific Japanese filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Tokyo Sonata, Real, Journey to the...

Wild Red Band Trailer for Icelandic Badass Gay Vampire Thriller 'Thirst'



"Aren't you hungry?" "I don't touch women. I am a gentleman." Now what do we have here?! Uncork'd Ent. has released a brand new, extra gory red band trailer for an Icelandic vampire dark comedy thriller titled Thirst. Have a taste. Not to be confused...

Meet the First Human Clone in Teaser for Korean Sci-Fi Film 'Seobok'



"Why are you trying to protect me?" CJ Entertainment has unveiled a teaser for a South Korean sci-fi film titled Seobok (or Seo Bok), which is the original Korean name because it's the name given to the very first human clone. This action thriller te...

First Trailer for South African BMX Film 'Riding with Sugar' via Netflix



"Every crash, every tumble, every knock, break, and crack, all worth it." Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for a South African BMX dramatic thriller titled Riding with Sugar, made by the director of Pride previously - Sunu Gonera. As painful...

New Trailer for Spanish Dramedy 'Rosa's Wedding' with Candela Peña



"If you don't do it today, you never will." The Match Factory has released a promo sales trailer for an indie Spanish comedy-drama titled Rosa's Wedding in English, originally known as La boda de Rosa. This already opened in Spain after premiering at...

Jackie Chan is an Accountant in Explosive 'Vanguard' Action Trailer



"The enemy has moved in." Gravitas has released a new US trailer for the crazy cool action film Vanguard, starring Jackie Chan - who is still making action films despite announcing he would retire. This time he re-teams with the HK director of his cl...

Promo Trailer for Spanish Fable 'Out in the Open' by Benito Zambrano



"Why is the foreman so intent on finding you?" The Match Factory has released an official promo / sales trailer for a Spanish indie film titled Out in the Open, also known as Intemperie in Spanish. Adapted from a novel by Jesús Carrasco, the film is...

First Trailer for Italian Drama 'The Life Ahead' Starring Sophia Loren



"It is precisely when you give up hope that good things happen." Netflix has released an official trailer for The Life Ahead, an emotional Italian drama made by filmmaker Edoardo Ponti starring the one-and-only glorious Sophia Loren. A contemporary a...

Badass Full Trailer for Danish Revenge Dark Comedy 'Riders of Justice'



"What is it for?" "I want to avenge my wife." Nordisk Film has debuted the full-length official trailer (with English subtitles this time!) for a Danish revenge dark comedy titled Riders of Justice, from filmmaker Anders Thomas Jensen (Adam's Apples,...

A Man Searches for the Owner of 'The Bra' in Azerbaijan Comedy Trailer



Indican Pictures has released an official US trailer for an indie, light-hearted comedy titled The Bra, from German filmmaker Veit Helmer. The film is already out to watch now, but we're just catching up with it at this point. Set in the country of A...

Official US Trailer for Korean Crime Thriller 'Beasts Clawing at Straws'



"Bite, before you get bitten." Artsploitation Films has debuted a US trailer for a Korean crime thriller titled Beasts Clawing at Straws, marking the feature directorial debut of Kim Yong-hoon, who used to work in development at CJ Entertainment befo...

Mads Mikkelsen Wants Revenge in 'Riders of Justice' Teaser Trailer



Nordisk Film has unveiled a short teaser for a Danish revenge dark comedy titled Riders of Justice, from filmmaker Anders Thomas Jensen (Adam's Apples, Men & Chicken). The original Danish title is much more badass: Retfærdighedens ryttere. The film...

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