Trump Describes COVID-19 As A ‘Blessing.’ These Young People Have Felt Its Toll

By: MTV Movies Blog


Donald Trump tweeted that Americans should not be 'afraid of COVID.' Young Americans respond about the real toll of the coronavirus.

Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus. What Does That Mean For The Future Of His Campaign?

By: MTV Movies Blog


President Donald Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, test positive for the coronavirus.

For Young Journalists Covering The Trump Era, A Reckoning — And New Hope

By: MTV Movies Blog


For young journalists, the Trump era has become a reckoning of daunting fact-checking and rigorous truth-telling, and the emotional toll of covering an administration committed to dehumanizing marginalized groups is very real.

‘We Can Fight From A Position Of Strength’: Stacey Abrams On Battling Voter Suppression

By: MTV Movies Blog


Stacey Abrams speaks to MTV News about voter suppression and how to fight it, in light of her Amazon documentary 'All In: The Fight for Democracy.' 'We can fight from a position of strength,' she says.

In New York, Eight Young BIPOC And LGBTQ+ Artists Take Over The Subway

By: MTV Movies Blog


During a chaotic year that has laid bare the divisive inequities within our society, music and art have often served as universal entities to ground us, tell our stories, and provide a sense of escape. Now, a new exhibition hosted by MTV pays homage...

Alicia Garza Is Bringing Black Power From The Streets To The Polls

By: MTV Movies Blog


Black Lives Matter co-founder speaks with MTV News about her mission to empower young, Black voters.

DACA Was Made Possible By Young LGBTQ+ Immigrants. Now We Must Fight For Them, Too

By: MTV Movies Blog


Jorge Gutierrez, founder of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, pens an op-ed calling for the protection of LGBTQ+ immigrants in response to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold DACA.

What It Means To Be Black And Free In America Today

By: MTV Movies Blog


June 19, or Juneteenth, is a holiday that celebrates the end of slavery in the United States, but Black people are still fighting for true freedom 150 years later.

What ‘Defund The Police’ Means (And Doesn’t Mean) And Where It Came From

By: MTV Movies Blog


Calls to defund the police have risen in recent weeks, after the high-profile killings of Black women and men like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. How we talk about what that means and doesn't mean is important.

MTV’s Prom-athon Is A Virtual Prom Bash For The Class Of 2020, With Help From Michelle Obama

By: MTV Movies Blog


MTV's Prom-athon, in partnership with Michelle Obama's When We All Vote and the 2020 Prom Challenge, will throw a virtual prom celebration for students who didn't get to have one. It all goes down May 22.

‘Training Is Not Enough’: Senator Cory Booker Demands Accountability From Police

By: MTV Movies Blog


Senator Cory Booker explains how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated longstanding racial inequities and how to put an end to racially biased policing.

Seniors Are Having Prom And Graduation Online, But It Can’t Replace The Real Thing

By: MTV Movies Blog


Seven students sound off on prom and graduation going digital due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earth Day Has Passed. Now What?

By: MTV Movies Blog


Sophia Kianni — an environmental activist with Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, and This Is Zero Hour — on enacting climate justice beyond Earth Day.

Reproductive Health Care Has Always Been Essential, Especially During A Pandemic

By: MTV Movies Blog


Around the country, medical centers have implemented restrictions and social distancing measures to protect both patients and doctors, as well as to not further overwhelm drastically overextended medical resources. But many people are now learning ho...

My Governor Just Lifted Stay-At-Home Guidelines. Now What?

By: MTV Movies Blog


Much of the responsibility to slow the spread of the coronavirus falls upon individual action, and the collective efforts of people working to keep themselves and those around them healthy. Whether you can work or study from home, or if your bosses a...

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