This 17-Year-Old Can’t Vote, But He’s Running To Change New York Politics

By: MTV Movies Blog


Let Tahseen Chowdhury tell you what makes his campaign great...

This Teen Wolf Star Is Calling On You To End Corruption In Politics

By: MTV Movies Blog


"When Americans band together, we have the power."...

Rutgers Students Share Their Stories, Speak Out Against Sexual Violence On Campus

By: MTV Movies Blog


About 2,000 Rutgers University students and former Vice President Joe Biden gathered on campus on Oct. 12 to take a stand against sexual violence on college campuses.

11 LGBTQ Activists Sound Off On Coming Out

By: MTV Movies Blog


October 11 is National Coming Out Day...

This Is Why So Many People Are Protesting Columbus Day

By: MTV Movies Blog


This Is Why So Many People Are Protesting Columbus Day...

This 21-Year-Old’s Close Friend Was A Victim Of Gun Violence

By: MTV Movies Blog


The Las Vegas Mass Shooting reminds 21-year-old Nza-Ari Khepra why we need to end gun violence...

Advice From The Guy Who Spent His 20s Writing Speeches For President Obama

By: MTV Movies Blog


David Litt told MTV News what he learned under Obama and why politics matter now more than ever...

Georgia Tech Dancer Raianna Brown On Why She Took A Knee

By: MTV Movies Blog


Georgia Tech Dancer Raianna Brown explains why she took a knee...

Issa Rae and America Ferrera Explain The Importance Of Elevating Untold Stories

By: MTV Movies Blog


Issa Rae and America Ferrera Explain The Importance Of Elevating Untold Stories...

No More Excuses: Here’s Why Registering To Vote Really Does Matter

By: MTV Movies Blog


7 young political leaders and activists explain why it's important to register to vote.

Why I’m Running For City Council At 19

By: MTV Movies Blog


Nadya Okamoto could be the youngest council member, and first Asian-American woman, elected in Cambridge history.

Sexual Assault Survivors Faced A Major Attack Today

By: MTV Movies Blog


Activist Sejal Singh of Know Your IX explains what Betsy DeVos did to sexual assault survivors today.

How The 12-Year-Old Activist Behind #1000BlackGirlBooks Is Taking The World By Storm

By: MTV Movies Blog


The 12-year-old activist behind #1000BlackGirlBooks discusses diversity, ageism, and her first book...

Fighting For Reproductive Rights When Your Family’s Undocumented

By: MTV Movies Blog


My sister is one of hundreds of students living in fear of what's next.

Gay Rights Icon Edith Windsor Was A Trailblazer Through And Through

By: MTV Movies Blog


Gay rights activist Edith Windsor has died. Revisit her inspiring speech from Logo's 2014 "Trailblazer Honors."...

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