The Daughter Of A Sandy Hook Elementary School Teacher Reflects, Five Years Later

By: MTV Movies Blog


College senior Sarah Clements, whose mom was a teacher at Sandy Hook, shares what gun control advocates have accomplished and are still fighting for.

With Al Franken’s Resignation, The #MeToo Movement Has Made Its Way To Washington

By: MTV Movies Blog


Senator Al Franken resigned on Thursday, and noted that there's 'some irony' to leave office during Donald Trump's presidency.

These Young People — Famous And Not So Famous — Gave Us Hope In 2017

By: MTV Movies Blog


From Ariana Grande to Chance the Rapper to teens across the country, young people stood up for what they believed in and advocated for change this year.

What Really Happened At Standing Rock

By: MTV Movies Blog


Teen activists who witnessed Standing Rock firsthand tell the story of the protests the media hasn't highlighted...

These Young Trans Folks’ Activism Goes Beyond LGBTQ Rights

By: MTV Movies Blog


Trans individuals are on the frontlines of many different fights for equality...

A College Senior Gets Real About Fighting For Birth Control On A Catholic Campus

By: MTV Movies Blog


Notre Dame dropped birth control coverage then reinstated it. A feminist activist and senior explains what happened.

10 LGBTQ And Minority Candidates Who Made History On Election Night

By: MTV Movies Blog


Ten LGBTQ and minority candidates made history last night, becoming the first candidates of their respective backgrounds to win their political races.

There’s An Election On Tuesday And It Could Be Game-Changing

By: MTV Movies Blog


On this Election Day 2017, “off-year” races could actually shape our country’s future. The CEO of a political organization aimed at voting expounds on why state elections are so crucial.

How Viola Davis Is Helping To Fight Childhood Hunger — And You Can Too

By: MTV Movies Blog


"How To Get Away With Murder" actress Viola Davis is working with the Hunger Is campaign to end childhood hunger.

How Campus Sexual Assault Activists Are Telling The Trump Administration #MeToo

By: MTV Movies Blog


Campus sexual assault activists organized a national vigil to continue their fight for justice and tell the Trump administration #MeToo...

These Young Muslims Are Fighting To Show Their Complexity

By: MTV Movies Blog


Young Muslims are using #MuslimAnd to prove there's more to them than their faith...

This 17-Year-Old Can’t Vote, But He’s Running To Change New York Politics

By: MTV Movies Blog


Let Tahseen Chowdhury tell you what makes his campaign great...

This Teen Wolf Star Is Calling On You To End Corruption In Politics

By: MTV Movies Blog


"When Americans band together, we have the power."...

Rutgers Students Share Their Stories, Speak Out Against Sexual Violence On Campus

By: MTV Movies Blog


About 2,000 Rutgers University students and former Vice President Joe Biden gathered on campus on Oct. 12 to take a stand against sexual violence on college campuses.

11 LGBTQ Activists Sound Off On Coming Out

By: MTV Movies Blog


October 11 is National Coming Out Day...

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