Joe Biden Elected President Of The United States

By: MTV Movies Blog


Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States, in an election cycle backdropped by historic voter turnout, early voting, and mail-in ballots, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Youth Voters Made Their Voices Heard Amidst Record Turnout

By: MTV Movies Blog


Youth votes were high amidst what could be the highest voter turnout in 120 years.

Big Wins Beyond The Presidency: Meet The Trailblazing Women Elected To Congress

By: MTV Movies Blog


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Sarah McBride: These are some of the women elected to Congress in 2020.

These Young Poll Workers Are Volunteering Because ‘Every Single Vote Matters’

By: MTV Movies Blog


With early voting now underway, many young poll workers are stepping in to make sure every vote is counted.

Chris Evans Wants To Know: What’s Inspiring You To Vote This Year?

By: MTV Movies Blog


Chris Evans stopped by MTV's Vote For Your Life Stream to ask an important question to young voters: What issues are important to them when they cast their ballot?

MTV Announces ‘Vote for Your Life Stream’ Digital Special For Vote Early Day

By: MTV Movies Blog


MTV is celebrating Vote Early Day on Saturday, October 24 with a special digital event called Vote For Your Life Stream, featuring performances from Why Don't We and Dove Cameron and appearances from G-Eazy, Zachary Quinto, and more.

Trump Rolls Back Health Care Protections For LGBTQ+ People On Pulse Anniversary

By: MTV Movies Blog


On Friday (June 12) the Trump administration finalized a rule to roll back Obama-era non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people when it comes to health care and health insurance. The plan was released on the fourth anniversary of the Pulse mass...

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Win Their Respective Primaries In Ohio

By: MTV Movies Blog


Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic presidential primary in Ohio with 72.4 percent of the vote on Tuesday (April 28). Senator Bernie Sanders still managed to garner 16.6 percent of the vote, despite having suspended his campaign on Apr...

Some Student Loan Borrowers Were Left Out Of The CARES Act — A Bipartisan Bill Could Help

By: MTV Movies Blog


According to a survey from Lend Edu, 68 percent of respondents who identified as federal student loan borrowers reported that they were unsure if they could make their federal student loan payments before the CARES Act was implemented. Half of them a...

New York’s Democratic Presidential Primary Has Been Canceled

By: MTV Movies Blog


The New York State Board of Elections has invoked a law removing former candidates from an upcoming ballot; as a result, the state's Democratic presidential primary election has been canceled.

Tracking The Coronavirus? If There’s An App For That, Young People Will Download It

By: MTV Movies Blog


According to a new poll from The Economist/YouGov, 47 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 said they would install an app on their phone that would allow them to anonymously alert people who have been near them if they had tested positive for COVID-1...

One In Five LGBTQ+ People Are Already ‘Much Worse Off’ Financially Because Of Coronavirus

By: MTV Movies Blog


A new report shows that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to have experienced a cut in work hours, with 30 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents experiencing a cut in comparison to 22 percent of the general population. They are nearly twice as likely as the gene...

Governors Are Already Trying To Open States Back Up In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

By: MTV Movies Blog


The governors of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee announced separately on Monday (April 20) that they would join states like Minnesota and Ohio in beginning to relax restrictions on stay-at-home orders, which are intended to slow the spread of...

Joe Biden Takes Wisconsin, In Midst Of Coronavirus Fears

By: MTV Movies Blog


Former Vice President Joe Biden came out of the state's primary election as the leader, with 63 percent of the vote and 100 percent of precincts reporting, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) who garnered 32 percent of the vote. President Donal...

Primary Elections Are Still Happening, And Joe Biden Just Took Wyoming

By: MTV Movies Blog


Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Wyoming Democratic primary caucus, with 72 percent of the vote and 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to the New York Times. Though Vermont senator Bernie Sanders earned 27.8 percent of the vote,...

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