Watch: Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Short Film 'Zero' with Bella Ramsey



"Never, ever leave the house." Get ready for another impressive sci-fi short film from the Brothers Lynch - filmmaker brothers from the UK. Their latest is tilted Zero, which they filmed last year and it's available now. Zero is set in a post-apocaly...

Watch: Cute Animated Short Film 'Catastrophe' About an Innocent Cat



"Miauw!" Time for something fun. Catastrophe (which an emphasis on the "Cat" part of the word) is an animated short film that runs just over two minutes. Written and directed by Dutch filmmaker Jamille van Wijngaarden, this is her first animated shor...

Watch: Jacob Batalon in Sci-Fi Short 'Watch Room' Testing New A.I.



"Are we going to do this... or what?" Don't mess with artificial intelligence! Watch Room is a sci-fi short film premiered by the sci-fi channel Dust, directed by Noah Wagner, written by Michael Koehler. The short is about an A.I. program being devel...

Watch: Clever Comedy Short Film 'Swiped' Parodies True Crime Docs



"They're dying for 'likes' - literally!" This is cool. Swiped is a clever comedy short film written and directed by British filmmaker Steve Whiteley. Alarmed by the detrimental effect smartphones are having on those around them, three friends launch...

Watch: Visit Our Clone-Filled Future in Sci-Fi Short 'The Replacement'



"Clones are people, too, sir!" Here's a very entertaining, thought-provoking sci-fi short film that we highly recommend watching. The Replacement is a short film written & directed by Sean Miller, now available to watch on Dust. This premiered at the...

Watch: Henry Quilici's Short 'Echoes of You' About a Classical Pianist



"Good choice. 1G - it's the best seat in the house." If you're in the mood for an inspiring, uplifting short film - give this a watch. Echoes of You is a short film written and directed by filmmaker Henry Quilici, and after a brilliant run at some fi...

Watch: Maegan Houang's Surrealist Fairytale Short Film 'In Full Bloom'



Can a person ever truly overcome losing someone they love? A lovely short film to watch this week. In Full Bloom is a 10-minute short made by up-and-coming filmmaker Maegan Houang, now available to watch online. The short stars legendary Vietnamese-A...

Watch: Creepy Horror Short 'Window Dressing' from Dave Bundtzen



"Looks that Kill and then you Die!" We are excited to debut the latest horror short film made by filmmaker Dave Bundtzen and Flix Horror titled Window Dressing. Last year we featured Bundtzen's two-minute horror film Tap, this time he's giving us a f...

Watch: Wedding Day Comedy Short 'Made Public' from Foster Wilson



"I know this poll had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you." Here's a fun short film to give you a good laugh and lift your spirits, only a 14 minute reprieve from your day's activities. Made Public is a "multiple award-winning short...

Watch: Matt Puccini's Short Film 'Lavender' with Michael Hsu Rosen



"We were just... checking in with each other." Fox Searchlight has released the acclaimed short film titled Lavender online this week as part of their "Searchlight Shorts" program, highlighting great short films for all of us to enjoy. Lavender premi...

Watch: Breakwater's Short Doc 'That's My Jazz' About a Father & Son



"My dad was the best at what he did. So then it's important for me, no matter what I do, to carry on that legacy..." Whoaaaa this is fantastic. That's My Jazz is a short documentary film (under 15 mins) by Ben Proudfoot, who runs a studio based in No...

Watch: English Tourists vs French Locals in 'La Boulangerie' Short Film



"How many times can we repel wave after wave of these tacky English invaders?" So how about a warm, fresh baguette to bring home this Monday? La Boulangerie is a short film written & directed by Luke Jin. After premiering at festivals in 2017, it's n...

Watch: Maisie Williams Stars in Emotional Short Film 'Stealing Silver'



"I'll come visit you again soon." After her unforgettable turn as Arya on "Game of Thrones", English actress Maisie Williams has been taking on compelling roles in films big and small. One of her side projects is a short film titled Stealing Silver,...

Watch: Jie Weng's Cute Stop-Motion Short 'The Quintet of the Sunset'



"In this twilight of our life, we just went through a gap in the endless flow of time." Cat lovers, this short is for you! The Quintet of the Sunset is a lovely, fabric stop-motion animated short film. This short won the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at the...

Watch: Interactive 360° Short Film Experiment '4:3' from Ross Hogg



Whoa. Dive into something a bit entrancing and completely experimental. 4:3 is a new short film made by creative filmmaker Ross Hogg (follow him @MrRossHogg), and it's barely 5 minutes in total so it's a quick watch. This experimental short combines...

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