Watch: Evil Toaster Horror Comedy Short 'Burnt' by Danny Morgan



"So we did it - actually moved in together... Scary, isn't it?" "Terrifying." Indeed it is... Strain Pictures has debuted this "fun little horror short film" titled Burnt, both written and directed by British actor Danny Morgan. A young couple move i...

First Trailer for 'Apollo 11: Quarantine' Spin-Off Short Documentary



"To protect us from any harmful life from the Moon." CNN Films + Neon + IMAX have unveiled an official trailer for a short documentary film titled Apollo 11: Quarantine, a spin-off from the masterful Apollo 11 film from 2018. It seem as if director T...

Watch: Charming 'The Moon's Not That Great' Animated Short Film



"It's just too gray... I'm sitting here and I'm just thinking, when are we going to see Mars?" This lovely, poetic animated short film is worth a watch to bring a smile to your face. The Moon's Not That Great is about an astronaut who embarks on a vo...

Watch: Dan Marcus' New Post-Apocalyptic Short Film 'In Extremis'



"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Check out this new short film set in a post-apocalyptic future about a father and his daughter. This short is titled In Extremis, and it's the latest short made by film...

Watch: Gaspar Noé's Film for Saint Laurent with Charlotte Rampling



Time for another mesmerizing, over-saturated trip with filmmaker Gaspar Noé. Following his partnership with fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent to make his super freaky fun Cannes film Lux Æterna, he's produced another film for them - this time to int...

Watch: Mesmerizing Ice Harvest Stop-Motion 'Freeze Frame' Short



"The most absurd technique since the invention of the moving image." Let's kick off the New Year with a mesmerizing and unique stop-motion short Freeze Frame by animator / filmmaker Soetkin Verstegen based in Brussels. "This chilly 5-minute experimen...

Watch: Excellent Dutch Short Film 'Yulia & Juliet' About Tragic Love



"Don't act all poetic." An excellent, intimate short film to feature just before 2020 ends. Yulia & Juliet is an 11-minute short film made by Dutch filmmaker Zara Dwinger. This originally premiered in 2018 and won tons of awards at festivals, now it'...

Watch: A Killer Animatronic Santa in Christmas Horror Short 'Jolly'



"Ho ho ho! I'm going to unwrap your skull." Have a holly, jolly Christmas! It's the best time of the year... As long as Santa isn't killing you, then there will be plenty of cheer.

Watch: Comedic Short Film 'Alex's Dream' About Anxiety & Dreams



"I just feel, perpetually, like I'm out of my own comfort zone." Another excellent short that is worth your time to watch. Alex's Dream is a 9-minute short film written and directed by British actor Jack Cooper Stimpson. It originally premiered in 20...

Watch: 'Victor in Paradise' Dark Comedy Short by Brendan McHugh



"This would look very nice in my dining room." Ah yes, nothing like a good story about a struggling artist. But this short film has a bit more to offer. Victor in Paradise is a bleak dark comedy short film written and directed by Brooklyn filmmaker B...

New Trailer for Re-imagined Bible Story 'I Am Mary' X-Mas Short Film



"What's it like watching your son grow up?" Four8 has unveiled an official trailer for a new short film titled I Am Mary, premiering on their YouTube channel soon. I Am Mary follows in the footsteps of Four8's previous shorts in their trilogy – I A...

Watch: Short Doc 'Saoirse' Profiling Horse Culture in Dublin, Ireland



"As you see now there's nothin here any more." Did you know there is a historic horse culture in Dublin, Ireland? This acclaimed short doc film Saoirse is about "some of the men who genuinely care about their horses as they struggle to keep the remna...

Watch: Clever Mobile Phone Short '#eyewitness' Shot in Single Takes



"Dude, so many comments." Whoa. Ever since mobile phones were implemented high quality cameras, the world has begun to respond and change. We can now capture anything and everything (good and bad) as it happens - sometimes unexpectedly. This short fi...

Watch: A Fragile Ego Cracks in Short Film 'Toxic' from Mike Manning



"Just go talk to her, man, she's cool..." Trust the nice guy, they say. Toxic is an intriguing, suspenseful short film about toxic masculinity made by up-and-coming filmmaker Mike Manning. Now available to watch online - and it's worth a look. The fi...

Watch: 'Patty Are You Bringing Weed in from Jamaica?' Short Doc



"You wouldn't have believed how strong this stuff was." There's nothing like a good story. This short film is an animated documentary made by filmmaker Matthew Salton, who spent over two years creating this entirely on his own - recording then prepar...

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