Watch: Bromance Comedy Short 'That Friend You Hate' by Eli Shapiro



"A little girl called me 'ugly', and I still think about it! That was five years ago." Everyone has one of those friends you hate but can't seem to ever get rid of. That Friend You Hate is a short film by Eli Shapiro that is now available to watch on...

Watch: Hilarious Sex Comedy Short 'Squeegee' Made by Morgan Krantz



Love, lust, and social distance. Squeegee is a comedy short made by LA-based filmmaker Morgan Krantz. A high-powered female executive has an erotic rendezvous with a high-rise window-washer on opposite sides of her office window. Inspired by Krantz's...

Watch: 2D Animated, Amusing Cartoon Short Film 'Speedy the Turtle'



"If it isn't the town's newest hero..." It's time to meet Speedy the Turtle! This fun, 2D animated short film is made by a Dutch filmmaker named Nigel Lievaart as his graduation project at Utrecht School of the Arts in 2018. He now works at a studio...

Watch: Lonely Robot Short 'This Time Away' Starring Timothy Spall



"You can stay. For now." Make a short film about a robot, and we'll pretty much always feature it. Because everyone loves robots! Especially when they're nice and friendly and helpful. And not mean, no thank you, nice robots only. This Time Away is a...

Teaser Trailer for Pixar's New Sparkshort 'Out' Streaming on Disney+



"Just look them in the eyes and say, 'Mom, Dad...'" Disney+ has revealed a teaser trailer for a new short film from Pixar titled Out, part of their "experimental storytelling" series called "SparkShorts". We featured a number of these shorts last yea...

Watch: Psychedelic Animated Short Film 'Coyote' by Lorenz Wunderle



Don't let grief get the best of you, it can consume good people. This radical animated short definitely isn't for kids. Coyote is an animated short made by the Swiss filmmaker Lorenz Wunderle and the animation studio YK Animation based in Bern. The f...

Watch: 'Hive Mindfully' Short Doc All About the World of Bee Rescue



"They're amazingly adaptable little creatures." Bees are the coolest! Bees play a vital role in our daily lives, and for almost every ecosystem on the planet. Hive Mindfully is a terrific short documentary film about bee keepers who rescue hives. Com...

Watch: Álvaro García's 3D Animated Sci-Fi Short 'The Seed of Juna'



"What is the 'new existence?'" "A fresh start." Time to finally dive into this crazy 3D animated short film The Seed of Juna, the latest creation from acclaimed Spanish VFX filmmaker Álvaro García Martínez (aka Álvaro García). He also made the s...

Watch: Strange Short Film 'Memorium' Follows a Man into the Afterlife



Where do you go once you die? The eternally unanswerable question. But here's one funky interpretation! Memorium (also known as Mémoires Vives) is a French short film made by filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu. Inspired by the art created by Marc Giai-Miniet...

Watch: Lovely Short 'Alone Together' About the Lockdowns Worldwide



"Lying, thinking... Last night how to find my soul a home." Need a dose of positivity? Or a warm, friendly (virtual) hug? Watch this short. Alone Together is a beautiful, lovely short film made by filmmaker Andy Delaney (we also featured his short Ch...

Watch: The Universe Breaks Apart in Animated Short Film 'Armstrong'



Time to get super weird! Armstrong is a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind animated short film from filmmaker Russ Etheridge based in Brighton, England. The story is about a woman working in a factory who watches her crush from afar. One day, the moon disapp...

Boundless Creativity: 10 Favorite Recent Short Films to Enjoy Anytime



"You can be poetic and you don't have to answer anything. You can make whatever you want. You have creative freedom [making a] short film." (-Taika Waititi) We love short films! Ever since this coronavirus pandemic shut down cinemas worldwide, we've...

Watch: Siblings Reconnect in Short Film 'Uproot' Made by Julia Bales



"When's the last time you went outside?" We all love being home. And no one ever wants to move out. But sometimes we have to... Uproot is a beautiful, tender short film made by filmmaker Julia Bales. The very short synopsis: "A sister helps her broth...

Watch: An Existentialist Ironic Dark Tale 'Decorado' Animated Short



"I don't know if all this is real or just a dream." Who is the crazy one here? Decorado is a fascinating short film from Spanish animation filmmaker Alberto Vázquez (also of Birdboy: The Forgotten Children). This premiered at festivals back in 2016,...

Watch: Lightsaber Duel Star Wars Fan Film 'Power' from Avery Bazan



"The Jedi speak of peace and carry the same swords." Another new Star Wars fan film to enjoy. Power is a 10-minute action film that tells a personal and introspective story through an epic lightsaber battle. Set in the dark times between Revenge of t...

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