Social Media Has A Hate-Speech Problem — Why Won’t Companies Do Something About It?

By: MTV Movies Blog


While better monitoring and action against hate speech on social media won't solve white supremacy, it's a start toward delegitimizing one of its current forms.

ASMR Is Normalizing Consent, One Whisper At A Time

By: MTV Movies Blog


Asking for consent can help relax ASMR enthusiasts even more than videos without cues — in this report, we dive deep into the world of asking if it's OK to help you relax.

Does Your Social Media Feed Need A Body-Acceptance Revamp?

By: MTV Movies Blog


By posting content that portrays a more honest depiction of their bodies, eating disorder recovery, and what it means to practice self-love, celebrities, bloggers, organizations, and everyday Instagram users are working to shift the narrative on body...

Taylor Swift Has Ushered in a New Wave of Concert Safety — But Are We Ready For It?

By: MTV Movies Blog


Taylor Swift has used facial-recognition technology to make her concerts safer — both for herself, and her fans.

ScreenX Expanding To American Theaters



The creators of 4DX have created a new viewing experience The post ScreenX Expanding To American Theaters appeared first on

Does Hiding Your Face With Your Hand Actually Hide You From Facebook?

By: MTV Movies Blog


A facial recognition expert on the ‘concerning’ future of facial analysis tech, and the best way to keep prying eyes from finding you on social media...

Snapchat Added So Many New Features That It’s Like A Whole New App

By: MTV Movies Blog


Snapchat just made it way easier to have exhilarating convos with pretty much anyone.

People Are Really Pissed About Instagram’s Latest Update

By: MTV Movies Blog


Ruby Rose, Ellie Goulding, Cameron Dallas, and many more celebrities have already sounded off on their accounts.

Instagram Has Given Super Users The Update They’ve Been Waiting For

By: MTV Movies Blog


Instagram has updated its app to allow multiple accounts.

Twitter Is Considering A 10K Character Limit — But These Users Have Better Ideas

By: MTV Movies Blog


As Twitter considers a dramatic increase to the long-held 140 characters or less limit, users are offering alternative ideas.

Meet Countess Ada Lovelace, The World’s First Computer Programmer

By: MTV Movies Blog


Celebrating Countess Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer, on her 200th birthday.

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