Paul Feig Signs a First-Look Production Deal with Universal



Feig currently has a number of projects in production at Universal. The post Paul Feig Signs a First-Look Production Deal with Universal appeared first on

Does Buzz Not Matter In The Summer Of 2013?

By: MTV Movies Blog


Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx watched their dreams of a summer box office hit burn slowly to the ground, much like the Capitol Building the trailer for the movie they hoped would get them there, "White House Down." The $150 million buddy action movie...

Something Terrible Happened To Melissa McCarthy On This 'The Heat' Poster

By: MTV Movies Blog


Melissa McCarthy got Photoshopped into oblivion on this foreign poster for "The Heat." Yes, that person on the poster next to Sandra Bullock is supposed to be Melissa McCarthy. Also, the Muppets reenact a classic Coen Brothers scene in today's Dailie...

Melissa McCarthy Isn't Strong Enough In This 'The Heat' Clip

By: MTV Movies Blog


Melissa McCarthy might be a good cop in "The Heat," but it doesn't seem like she has the best arm strength. In an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie that debuted during MTV Sneak Peek Week, McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's characters go a bit too fa...

Melissa McCarthy And Sandra Bullock Got Rowdy On 'The Heat' Set

By: MTV Movies Blog


"The Heat," if you didn't already know, is a movie starring Melissa McCarthy and directed by Paul Feig. The last time those two worked together, it was on a little movie called "Bridesmaids" that you may have heard of. Anyway, the two have history of...

MTV Sneak Peek Week Livestream For 'The Heat' Starts Now!

By: MTV Movies Blog


So far MTV Sneak Peek Week has been out of control, and tonight we don't expect anything to be calmer when Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig from "The Heat" stop by to chat with MTV News' Josh Horowitz and debut an exclusive clip. In the week b...

'The Heat' Red Band Trailer: Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Bring It

By: MTV Movies Blog


Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock may not be the most obvious duo for a buddy cop movie, but both actresses have some law enforcement experience. Bullock made two (yes, two) "Miss Congeniality" movies, where she played an FBI agent, and McCarthy go...

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