Watch: David Ehrlich's 'The 25 Best Films of 2020' Video Countdown



What a year 2020 was. A year unlike any other, full of tragedy and chaos, but despite all of that - the magic of the movies still brings us together. One of the annual must-see best of the year lists is a video countdown made by my colleague David Eh...

Looking Back: Adam Frazier Picks His Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2020



Over the previous 12 months, I've seen more than 110 new releases, and I'm happy to report that it's been another fantastic year at the movies, despite not being able to actually go to the movies. Throughout 2020, we got to see new work from visionar...

UK Studios Reveal a 'Love Cinema' Video To Get You Back to Theaters



Great stories deserve the big screen. Welcome back. Are you ready to go back to the cinema? Movie studios and movie theaters have launched an official campaign called "Love Cinema", a way to celebrate the magic of movies. It's a small marketing campa...

Watch: A Homemade '2001' Recreation - '2020: An Isolation Odyssey'



Let the Awe and Mystery of a Journey Unlike Any Other Begin. Isolation can do strange things to human beings. But it can also spark creativity and imagination, as is the case with this cinematic lockdown creation. 2020: An Isolation Odyssey is a home...

Listen to One Hour Convo with George Miller About 'Mad Max' & More



"The hero is the agent of change." Without any Comic-Cons this year, the New York Comic-Con has decided to host virtual panels online instead. One of the best offerings so far is this fascinating one-hour-long Q&A conversation with filmmaker George M...

Interview: 'Babyteeth' Director Shannon Murphy on Making Her Film



"If you're ever making any piece of art, you've gotta be challenging while you're doing it and making sure that it's not something anyone's seen before, otherwise you're wasting everyone's time." One of my favorite films from the 2019 Venice Film Fes...

Watch: Six Filmmakers Briefly Talk About Their Love of Film Festivals



"We're truly one big family. It's a celebration of filmmakers and movies." The We Are One Global Film Festival held online through YouTube is wrapping up after almost 10 days of events & premieres. With so many film festivals cancelled this year due...

My Cannes 2020 At-Home Experience: Catching Up with Terrific Films



Even without Cannes this year, we Cannes still have our own festival anyway. Even without film festivals, we can still experience the excitement of cinema watching films at home. The 2020 Cannes Film Festival was supposed to take place from May 12th...

The Academy's Tribute to the Power of Movies During These Times



Thank You, Movies. Movies are always there for us, ready to be watched anytime, ready to make us laugh and cry. We're living in unprecedented times, in a changed world due to a pandemic that has taken over the entire planet. Even though we've all bee...

Boundless Creativity: 10 Favorite Recent Short Films to Enjoy Anytime



"You can be poetic and you don't have to answer anything. You can make whatever you want. You have creative freedom [making a] short film." (-Taika Waititi) We love short films! Ever since this coronavirus pandemic shut down cinemas worldwide, we've...

Everything About Surviving Covid-19 I Learned From Movies Mashup



"It can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop until you are dead!" Grab a pint and stay at home and wait for all of this to blow over. Ever since a few months ago when the coronavirus pandemic pu...

A Wonderful Video Tribute to the 'Importance of Cinema in Our Lives'



"One simple question. A world of emotions." While everyone waits patiently at home all over the world for movie theaters to reopen, Lost in Film has put together a video tribute to the importance of cinema. They reached out to various cinephiles acro...

Lockdown Viewing & Listening Inspiration from Filmmakers on Twitter



Need some recommendations? Not sure what to watch tonight? Start with these! You never know where they might lead you... With everyone around the whole world staying at home during this coronavirus pandemic lockdown / quarantine, many have been spend...

Keeping the Release Schedule Updated During This Global Pandemic



"We just need to make sure that nobody knows until everybody knows." First things first, please stay safe. Stay home. Keep your distance from others. Support the health care workers and service workers and food workers who are all still putting thems...

Looking Back: Alex's Top 10 Favorite Films of 2019 - 'Parasite' Reigns



"Let Neptune strike ye dead Winslow! HAAARK!" Another year, another Top 10. And although we're already well into 2020, it's never too late to share this list. Better late than never, as they say! It's time to present my personal list of my Top 10 Fav...

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