Universal Launches Dinotracker.com Viral Website for 'Jurassic World'

By: FirstShowing.net


"Imagine if you lived in a world where dinosaurs were roaming wild? What would you do? And what would want to know to keep yourself safe?" Oh this is cool! Universal has launched a fun viral marketing website for Jurassic World: Dominion (in theaters...

Learn About Judd Apatow's Epic 'Cliff Beasts' Action Movie Franchise

By: FirstShowing.net


"Light the sky on fire!!" Netflix has revealed a teaser and a full-length retrospective featurette promoting the new movie Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest. Don't know anything about the other Cliff Beasts movies? Well find out more below! Want...

Viral Ad Teaser for 'Bullet Train' Action Movie - Full Trailer in March

By: FirstShowing.net


"You put peace out in the world, you get peace back." Take a look at this. Sony has quietly released a little viral marketing ad for an action movie arriving his summer called Bullet Train. Yes, it's set on a bullet train, which almost makes me feel...

There Is a New Viral Marketing Website for 'The Batman' to Follow

By: FirstShowing.net


"Have you ever been to the Iceberg Lounge?" There's a new viral website for Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman movie, discovered by fans a week ago. And while there is one file hidden on the site, not much is there yet. But this is exciting news. Most...

Is the Moon Not the Moon? 'Moonfall' Conspiracy Viral Site Launches

By: FirstShowing.net


Calling all megastructurists! Lionsgate has launched a brand new viral website for the upcoming epic sci-fi disaster movie Moonfall, about the Moon crashing right into Earth. Yes, of course it's directed by Roland Emmerich, and so far it looks awesom...

WB Relaunches Mysterious 'What is The Matrix' Site for 'The Matrix 4'

By: FirstShowing.net


It has begun. It's finally time to kick off the marketing for The Matrix 4, officially known as The Matrix Resurrections. The first glimpse of footage from the sequel was revealed a few weeks ago at the industry event CinemaCon in Las Vegas, a teaser...

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