Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea: Where to Watch & Stream

By: ComingSoon.net


Wondering where you can watch and stream Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea documentary online? Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea is a documentary about the recent tragedy that occurred when an OceanGate submersible vanished underwater on Sunday (June 18). This documen...

Take Care of Maya Kowalski: Is It Based on a True Story?

By: ComingSoon.net


Take Care of Maya is the latest documentary on Netflix, featuring the profound tragedy and legal dispute involving Maya Kowalski. Is the documentary based on a true story? What really happened to Maya Kowalski? Here’s what you need to know. Is...

HBO Max Schedule May 15-21: New TV & Movies

By: ComingSoon.net


An intriguing docuseries following the Los Angeles-based professional women’s soccer team is premiering as part of the HBO Max schedule for May 15-21. Starting at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, May 16, HBO and HBO Max subscribers can watch Angel C...

Queen Cleopatra Netflix Release Date & Time

By: ComingSoon.net


A much-anticipated documentary about the historical figure of Queen Cleopatra is premiers on Netflix this week. Here’s when to watch it. When to watch and stream Queen Cleopatra on Netflix Netflix will release Queen Cleopatra at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.

Where to Watch Bama Rush: The Machine Alabama Documentary (HBO Max, Netflix)

By: ComingSoon.net


Bama Rush is an upcoming documentary about the so-called “Machine” in Alabama and its impact on the Greek system and campus politics, debuting on Max soon. With candid interviews and never-before-seen footage, the must-see documentary wil...

Best Netflix True Crime Documentaries (May 2023)

By: ComingSoon.net


The best Netflix true crime documentaries for May 2023 provide viewers with some killer content of stranger-than-fiction stories, cold-blood murderers, con artists, and more. What is the best Netflix true crime documentary? The top-rated Netflix true...

Fantasia 2022.15: "Flames", Out in the Ring, Freaks Out, and DJ XL5's Ultimate Zappin' Party.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


End of an era with the final Zappin Party. But first... First up, we've got Bertrand Hebert and Out in the Ring director Ryan Bruce Levy. There were apparently a lot more people in town to support the documentary on Tuesday, but they're pro wres...

Fantasia 2022.13: "The Astronaut and His Parrot", Rani Rani Rani, Chorokbam, Shari, "Ronde de Nuit", Maigret, "Blackbear", Resurrection

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, Marc Lamothe was pretty excited to welcome Patrice Leconte (l) to Montreal for this screening of Maigret. I could only extract a little bit from the Q&A, because it was pretty much entirely in French, and, ironically enough, I tapped ou...

Hong Kong Saturdays: Revolution of Our Times, Angel, Blood Ritual, Hard Boiled, Nobody's Hero, The Magic Crane, Devil Hunters, and Man on the Edge

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One doesn't really plan for things to wind up this way, but it's kind of cool when it does: Three Saturdays, three different sorts of Hong Kong movies, in different locations and with different perspectives. First up, I was mildly surprised to see...

Short Stuff: The 2021 Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Watching the selection of short documentaries nominated for this year's Academy Awards, one gets a sense of how much work goes into getting them into shape, considering how most are independently produced. There's not a mask to be seen and only a br...

Maybe Not Directly Related But...: Cloudy Mountain and The Rescue '21

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I don't know to what extent Cloudy Mountain was inspired by the Thai cave rescue of 2018; maybe not at all, but when you see these two a week apart, figure how long a narrative feature with this amount of effects takes to produce, and note that there...

Exclusive: On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery Documentary Trailer

By: ComingSoon.net


ComingSoon is debuting the trailer for the upcoming documentary from […] The post Exclusive: On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery Documentary Trailer appeared first on ComingSoon.net.

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