Say I Do to Me

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Huh, just two weeks after the last Chinese movie about social media deception to arrive in Boston months after playing its native territory, but with only crappy showtimes. I half-wonder if someone at AMC's booking department looked at the surprisin...

Film Rolls, Round 14: You Shoot, I Shoot and The Shock Labyrinth

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, here's a fun spot to land, even if I had some reasons for reservations.given the specific movies. There was a big delay between the stuff in Round 13 and this as the IFFBoston Fall Focus and a vacation had me not messing with the shelf much, bu...

This Week in Tickets: 6 February 2023 - 12 February 2023 (Staying In Edition)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Very short week for, uh, reasons. So, remember last week, when pipes in my walls burst? Well, my landlord wasn't able to get my shower put together until Tuesday, so I kind of stayed away from theaters early in the week out of deference to folks...

Film Rolls, Round 13: Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain and Sex & Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Oops, I skipped Mookie and Bruce wound up going first this round! Not that it really matters, because this is not a real game as opposed to a game-shaed thing, but fortunately fate made it up to Mookie. Bruce rolls a 17 and lands in the Tsui Hark...

Film Rolls, Round 12: Lady in a Cage and July Rhapsody

By: Jay's Movie Blog


We're at what may be my favorite part of the gameboard here, where American cinema exits the Golden Age and where Hong Kong is hitting its heyday; it's an impressive run of anything-can-happen material, between weird and just generally interesting.

This Week in Tickets: 30 January 2023 - 5 February 2023 (Winter Weather Edition)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


January ends with some Oscar catch-up, a reminder that climate change hasn't completely defanged New England winter, and more good stuff. Things kicked off with a rare-ish Monday night at the movies to see Glass Onion a second time, since I don't...

This Week in Tickets: 23 January 2023 - 29 January 2023 (All Action)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Just a whole week of work going late and then me running down early, like can happen sometimes. I probably shouldn't talk too much about my actual paying job online, but, man, sometimes you just have a week where you realize that something is a R...

This Week in Tickets: 16 January 2023 - 22 January 2023 (Happy Lunar New Year!)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'll be much less wordy this week, since I think we got the whole mission statement out of the way and it was a relatively quiet, though not uneven, couple pages: It was mostly quiet nights in, between work running late enough that I wasn't getti...

Film Rolls, Round 10: The Other Side of Gentleman and Le Doulos

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Oops, another case where I ordered something in a Kino Lorber sale because I didn't recognize it but thought it sounded good, though the reason it sounded good was because the description was actually that of a movie I've seen and enjoyed. Well, goo...

Film Rolls, Round 9: The Dragon Chronicles: The Maidens of Heavenly Mountain and Mr. & Mrs. Gambler

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm not sure whether the "Western" or "Chinese" section of the gameboard is larger, but I have to admit that the Western one feels a bit more diverse; the random impulse buys from Kino Lorber seem to cast a bigger net than when I'...

Film Rolls, Round 8: Project A, Project A II, and The Wicked City

By: Jay's Movie Blog


When we last left these guys, two middling Hong Kong supernatural comedies had left Bruce's lead intact, but there are still some ways for Mookie to make up some ground For instance, this 9 gets Mookie to Project A II, and because these films have...

Film Rolls, Round 7: The Dead and the Deadly and The Haunted Cop Shop

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This isn't the first round that works as a themed pairing - things started off with two silent collections, after all - but the board has kind of been set up to make it relatively rare, with the boxes mostly ordered in such a way that you'll jump fro...

Film Rolls, Round 6: Pitfall and Bruce's Box Set

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Definitely a weird round, between something I had apparently already seen sneaking into the "unseen" shelf (it happens) and the sort of unbalancing coincidence that would raise questions about the legitimacy of the competition if this were...

Fantasia 2022.16: What's Up Connection, Whether the Weather Is Fine, and The Witch Part 2: The Other One.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I should have made some notes on just why things dragged out my mornings, because on this day it knocked out the first movie of the day (not that I was really that excited about an underground-fight-club movie), and then the second film of the day wa...

Fantasia 2022.08: All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, Detectives vs. Sleuths, Shin Ultraman, "Black Hole", and Glorious

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I saw a bunch of good stuff to start Week Two, but it was a genuinely odd/not idea day - I actually made a choice to see the first show of Chun Tae-Il on Wednesday evening rather than Thursday afternoon because it meant I could just squeeze in the pr...

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