Film Rolls, Round 16: X Y & Zee and A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die

By: Jay's Movie Blog


When "season two" happens post-Fantasia, I'm going to make a much more earnest attempt to keep up with what the score is rather than just calculating it as I do the posts. Or maybe at least do the posts much more quickly, so that I know th...

Film Rolls, Round 15: (De Niro + De Palma) x 4 and House of Cards

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Since there's (currently) a five-month lag between me doing this and me writing it up,.I've been very curious to see just how this evens things out. Mookie with the 20! It's his second, and exceptionally fortuitous because it lands him on the box...

This Week in Tickets: 13 February 2023 - 19 February 2023 (A Couple of Classics)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It was a pretty good week for seeing movies on the big screen, new and old. I started off with the first of a couple Film Rolls things from South Korea - EXIT on Monday night and lucky Chan-Sil on Thursday, which are both relatively recent and at...

Film Rolls, Round 14: You Shoot, I Shoot and The Shock Labyrinth

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, here's a fun spot to land, even if I had some reasons for reservations.given the specific movies. There was a big delay between the stuff in Round 13 and this as the IFFBoston Fall Focus and a vacation had me not messing with the shelf much, bu...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'd be genuinely interested to hear what someone who doesn't have any particular prior attachment to Philip Marlowe thinks of this new film, based not on the original Raymond Chandler stories but one of the works by other writers that his estate lice...

Film Rolls, Round 10: The Other Side of Gentleman and Le Doulos

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Oops, another case where I ordered something in a Kino Lorber sale because I didn't recognize it but thought it sounded good, though the reason it sounded good was because the description was actually that of a movie I've seen and enjoyed. Well, goo...

Film Rolls, Round 6: Pitfall and Bruce's Box Set

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Definitely a weird round, between something I had apparently already seen sneaking into the "unseen" shelf (it happens) and the sort of unbalancing coincidence that would raise questions about the legitimacy of the competition if this were...

Fantasia 2022.13: "The Astronaut and His Parrot", Rani Rani Rani, Chorokbam, Shari, "Ronde de Nuit", Maigret, "Blackbear", Resurrection

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, Marc Lamothe was pretty excited to welcome Patrice Leconte (l) to Montreal for this screening of Maigret. I could only extract a little bit from the Q&A, because it was pretty much entirely in French, and, ironically enough, I tapped ou...

Fantasia 2022.02: Coupez! and Hard Boiled

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Welcome to the last non-marathon day of the festival! From here out, it's long days and falling behind on the blog. Friday was a day of tough-ish decisions, with both My Small Land and Swallowed in de Seve not exactly having ideal second showtimes...

The Roundup

By: Jay's Movie Blog


An online acquaintance recently bemoaned the lack of schlock in theaters, which kind of seems like the flip side of not having romantic comedies or coming-of-age films in theaters; I don't think it's the inevitable result of any one thing but a lot o...



Hong Kong Saturdays: Revolution of Our Times, Angel, Blood Ritual, Hard Boiled, Nobody's Hero, The Magic Crane, Devil Hunters, and Man on the Edge

By: Jay's Movie Blog


One doesn't really plan for things to wind up this way, but it's kind of cool when it does: Three Saturdays, three different sorts of Hong Kong movies, in different locations and with different perspectives. First up, I was mildly surprised to see...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not related to the movie itself at all, really, but for the second time in as many weeks, I was clumsy in getting my popcorn into a stable position while managing soda, coat, and backpack, this time spilling just about the whole container all over th...

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