Film Rolls, Round 13: Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain and Sex & Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Oops, I skipped Mookie and Bruce wound up going first this round! Not that it really matters, because this is not a real game as opposed to a game-shaed thing, but fortunately fate made it up to Mookie. Bruce rolls a 17 and lands in the Tsui Hark...


By: Jay's Movie Blog


Not related to the movie itself at all, really, but for the second time in as many weeks, I was clumsy in getting my popcorn into a stable position while managing soda, coat, and backpack, this time spilling just about the whole container all over th...

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Last day for this in the Brattle's virtual screening room, although I wouldn't be surprised if West Newton or someone else picked it up, even if nobody still has Bacurau to let you do a Sonia Braga double-feature. I'm not sure how the negotiations f...

Three Husbands

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Just spent a week and a weekend in Hong Kong, and I'm kind of as surprised as anyone how little of my vacation was directly movie-related, given that I'm me, Hong Kong cinema was a major inspiration for the trip, and even local films tend to show wit...

Is Showgirls a Horror Movie?



Is Paul Verhoeven's notorious Vegas stripper melodrama really a horror movie in disguise? The post Is Showgirls a Horror Movie? appeared first on

Look at This: The Love Witch & Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Sunday afternoon, going to be on a plane come Monday morning, what moviegoing do you cram in? The two that would probably benefit the most from theatrical exhibition, even if you know they probably aren't the best ones playing at the moment, or even...

Last Weekend at the Brattle: Mountains May Depart & Belladonna of Sadness

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Odd coincidence - these two movies that played the Brattle as sort of a split-admission double feature are both being released on home video the same day this summer Second odd coincidence; this was the second stop in the Boston area for each, as Mo...

Love (2015)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So on Saturday night, I pretty much watched The Peanuts Movie, took the Red Line up to Davis Square, and walked right into the theater showing Love. Since there was no glasses bin between the screen and the exit at Boston Common, I wound up using the...

The Fantasia Daily 2014.17: Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge, From Vegas to Macau, The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared, Black Butler, Time Lapse, Naked Ambition

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Crazy-long seeming day, and that film's title just makes it seem longer. I almost had a bit of a break to get some writing done or something, as I opted to use the longish wait between the end of Black Butler and the beginning of Time Lapse to stop...

The Fantasia Daily 2014.12: The Creeping Garden, Hana-Dama: The Origin, Guardian, Creep

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Every year, I spend one week of Fantasia working mornings to make sure stuff from the office doesn't fall too far behind. This is that week, and it started great with my work laptop's password having expired and my phone opting to drain rather than...

The Fantasia Daily 2014.05: Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, Butter on the Latch, Hwayi: A Monster Boy

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Things you do when attending a film festival with a press pass: Write emails in the morning asking which movies have screeners of what type available, because that night features two movies only showing once during the festival, both with directors...

Boston Underground Film Festival 2014.1: All Cheerleaders Die, School of the Holy Beast

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Someday, the first day of BUFF will be held on a day when you can tell that spring started a week ago, because the sun is shining and it's unexpectedly warm, especially in comparison to the winter that we just endured. 2014, however, was not that ye...

The Fantasia Daily, 2013.04 (21 July 2013): Key of Life, The Outer Limits of Animation, Sweetwater & Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Didn't quite get a late start yesterday, just fought with this machine all morning. I hope like heck that getting home fixes its issues finding WiFi. I'd hate to replace it after less than two years. I eventually wound up giving up and walking to...

Kiss of the Damned

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Semi-serious question here - when the Coolidge gets their DCP installed, just how much of an upgrade will we notice over when they play a Blu-ray like they did for this midnight show of Kiss of the Damned? I'm presuming that they're installing 2K pr...

Boston Underground Film Festival Day 02: Blue Dream, A Band Called Death, and Guilty of Romance

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I worked from home this Thursday, since Blue Dream was only playing at 5:30pm and as those who have read a few dozen comments about my commute to the suburban hellscape of Burlington, Massachusetts will guess, that sort of start time doesn't work. O...

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