This Week in Tickets: 13 February 2023 - 19 February 2023 (A Couple of Classics)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


It was a pretty good week for seeing movies on the big screen, new and old. I started off with the first of a couple Film Rolls things from South Korea - EXIT on Monday night and lucky Chan-Sil on Thursday, which are both relatively recent and at...

This Week in Tickets: 6 February 2023 - 12 February 2023 (Staying In Edition)

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Very short week for, uh, reasons. So, remember last week, when pipes in my walls burst? Well, my landlord wasn't able to get my shower put together until Tuesday, so I kind of stayed away from theaters early in the week out of deference to folks...

Good and Bad: Decision to Leave and Black Adam

By: Jay's Movie Blog


This was a double feature built out of potential necessity; the work week bled into Saturday and I had no idea how long Decision to Leave would be for theaters and figured I probably ought to see Black Adam both while it was on the fancy screen and b...

Fantasia 2022.20: "Boa", Yaya e Lennie - The Walking Liberty, What to Do with the Dead Kaiju?, and The Killer.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, look who's back! Writer/director Satoshi Miki cast his wife Eri Fuse in a much larger role for this than Convenience Story, and as a result she was a bigger participant in the Q&A, a reminder that she is also very funny and seems to be ju...

Fantasia 2022.19: "Love You, Mama", The Protector, Convenience Story, and Alienoid

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Monday, the third week. I'm not saying it was just the locals and me at this point, but it was getting close. Somehow got out of work early enough to make a 12:30pm show in de Seve, which apparently had filmmakers and other guests for its first sho...

Fantasia 2022.18: My Broken Mariko, One for the Road, Confession, Dobaaraa, and Seire.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


You do not often get fourth chances to see a movie at a festival like Fantasia, but I got really lucky here - my first chance to see My Broken Mariko was opening night, and I probably would have caught it then if they hadn't opened the primary Openin...

Fantasia 2022.16: What's Up Connection, Whether the Weather Is Fine, and The Witch Part 2: The Other One.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I should have made some notes on just why things dragged out my mornings, because on this day it knocked out the first movie of the day (not that I was really that excited about an underground-fight-club movie), and then the second film of the day wa...

Fantasia 2022.14: Happer's Comet, Hansan: Rising Dragon, and Inu-Oh

By: Jay's Movie Blog


No guest at the shows I saw that day - just no way I was logging out of work on time for Topology of Sirens and I didn't get to The Diabetic (my story is that I was eating and lost track of time and in sticking to it) - so here's a photo of a spot a...



Fantasia 2022.13: "The Astronaut and His Parrot", Rani Rani Rani, Chorokbam, Shari, "Ronde de Nuit", Maigret, "Blackbear", Resurrection

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, Marc Lamothe was pretty excited to welcome Patrice Leconte (l) to Montreal for this screening of Maigret. I could only extract a little bit from the Q&A, because it was pretty much entirely in French, and, ironically enough, I tapped ou...

Fantasia 2022.04: Science Fiction Shorts, "Molting", The Girl from the Other Side, Next Door, "Bug Bites", and Moloch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hello, day that always screws the posting schedule up! You've come early this year. Sunday was a day for guests, and though there's usually a pretty good line-up at the shorts programs, it was just Paul Arion of "Fieldtrip" this year, a...

Fantasia 2022.01: Polaris and Special Delivery

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Greetings from Montreal! I can't say it's like nothing's changed in the past three years, because I flew up rather than taking the bus (Greyhound has cut 75% of their direct service between Boston and Montreal and who wants to spend 8 hours in a bus...

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