Fantasia 2022.20: "Boa", Yaya e Lennie - The Walking Liberty, What to Do with the Dead Kaiju?, and The Killer.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hey, look who's back! Writer/director Satoshi Miki cast his wife Eri Fuse in a much larger role for this than Convenience Story, and as a result she was a bigger participant in the Q&A, a reminder that she is also very funny and seems to be ju...

Fantasia 2022.19: "Love You, Mama", The Protector, Convenience Story, and Alienoid

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Monday, the third week. I'm not saying it was just the locals and me at this point, but it was getting close. Somehow got out of work early enough to make a 12:30pm show in de Seve, which apparently had filmmakers and other guests for its first sho...

Fantasia 2022.17: Island of Lost Girls, The Pass: Last Days of the Samurai, Circo Animato, "The Cradle", Sadako DX, and Missing

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm mildly surprised that the Schmidt family didn't make it to Montreal for Island of Lost Girls on Saturday morning. I imagine that Covid throws a wrench in that sort of thing, but I also suspect that if I'd somehow made a film with my family like...

Fantasia 2022.15: "Flames", Out in the Ring, Freaks Out, and DJ XL5's Ultimate Zappin' Party.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


End of an era with the final Zappin Party. But first... First up, we've got Bertrand Hebert and Out in the Ring director Ryan Bruce Levy. There were apparently a lot more people in town to support the documentary on Tuesday, but they're pro wres...

Fantasia 2022.13: "The Astronaut and His Parrot", Rani Rani Rani, Chorokbam, Shari, "Ronde de Nuit", Maigret, "Blackbear", Resurrection

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Folks, Marc Lamothe was pretty excited to welcome Patrice Leconte (l) to Montreal for this screening of Maigret. I could only extract a little bit from the Q&A, because it was pretty much entirely in French, and, ironically enough, I tapped ou...

Fantasia 2022.11: "Spice Frontier", Opal, Tang and Me, Anime Supremacy!, Vesper, "What Is in the Ocean", and Legions.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Day 11 is the midpoint of Fantasia - I think I noted online somewhere between Anime Supremacy! and Vesper that I'd seen 36 features and 23 shorts to that point - and I'm doing much of the write-up for it on Day 21, which I'll probably end with 73 fea...

Fantasia 2022.10: Anime no Bento, Demigod: The Legend Begins, "Aurora", My Grandfather's Demons, "Hairsucker", Deadstream, and Kappei

By: Jay's Movie Blog


A very animated Saturday, as my "grew up in the 1980s and that's when you watched cartoons" brain says should be the case. Sure, Demigod is technically puppetry, but you get the idea. Just the one guest, My Grandfather's Demons director...

Fantasia 2022.08: All Jacked Up and Full of Worms, Detectives vs. Sleuths, Shin Ultraman, "Black Hole", and Glorious

By: Jay's Movie Blog


I saw a bunch of good stuff to start Week Two, but it was a genuinely odd/not idea day - I actually made a choice to see the first show of Chun Tae-Il on Wednesday evening rather than Thursday afternoon because it meant I could just squeeze in the pr...

Fantasia 2022.06: Employee of the Month, "Hell Gig", Sissy, and We Might as Well Be Dead

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Another day skipping out on one of the afternoon shows. Look, I am descended from New England Puritans, and while I am fairly open-minded and willing to see a lot of weird stuff and live and let live about the rest, I am just not going to go to one...

Fantasia 2022.05: My Small Land, "Everything at Once", Next Exit, "Where the Witch Lives", and Dark Nature

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Got some days with weird gaps in the middle coming up that I probably could have filled, but in this case, I figured I might as well get some grocery shopping done after My Small World, just for breakfast stuff, because starting the day with just an...

Fantasia 2022.04: Science Fiction Shorts, "Molting", The Girl from the Other Side, Next Door, "Bug Bites", and Moloch

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Hello, day that always screws the posting schedule up! You've come early this year. Sunday was a day for guests, and though there's usually a pretty good line-up at the shorts programs, it was just Paul Arion of "Fieldtrip" this year, a...

Fantasia 2022.03: Baby Assassins, The Fish Tale, Popran, "Facies", and The Elderly

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Welp, that's not the first time I've found myself going to a different film than I figured on to start the day, but this may be the first time I didn't realize it until introductions started. Those introductions were Mitch welcoming The Elderly di...

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