By: Jay's Movie Blog


I'm mildly curious about why Furie opened at South Bay rather than Boston Common - is it just a case of that being where there was room, is there a fair-sized Vietnamese community in Dorchester, or is there some other factor I'm not particularly awar...

Fantasia 2018 Catch-Up 03: The Traveling Cat Chronicles, The Outlaws, Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, Knuckleball, Fireworks (2017), Lôi Báo, The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, Parallel (2018), I Am a Hero, Luz, The Witch in the Window, and Inuyashiki

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So it's been (quickly checks Blogger) just about seven weeks to write up these twelve reviews, with another thirteen to go before I can drink the last Canadian Crush that I brought back from Montreal. It's really kind of absurd, especially consideri...

Fantasia 2018.11: Fireworks, Loi Bao, Our House, The Witch: Part 1 - The Subversion, and Parallel

By: Jay's Movie Blog


The weekend is for starting out in Hall and ending up in DeSève, while the week goes the other way. Thus the expected big crowd for Fireworks (which I'm guessing either didn't play Canada/Quebec earlier in the month or folks just waited for it to p...

Short Stuff: The 2015 Oscar-Nominated Documentary Shorts

By: Jay's Movie Blog


So, by the time I finish writing this, the award will probably have been awarded. That's just how the schedule worked out here this year, but so what? Considering the material they cover, and how little other exposure they get, it's well worth bein...

The Fantasia Daily, 2013.15 (1 August 2013): Number 10 Blues/Goodbye Saigon, The Dead Experiment, and Resurrection of a Bastard

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Of all the days on the calendar, this was perhaps the most fluid day, without a whole lot of "must see that" screenings, with Number 10 Blues certainly looking like the most interesting. So, I risked getting to that one late rather than th...

The Fantasia Daily, 2013.11 (28 July 2013): The Lady Assassin, "Far-East Fragments", Vessel, See You Tomorrow, Everyone, and Doomsdays

By: Jay's Movie Blog


Okay, not a lot of time to type all this in at first, but let's go with some pictures, since I tested the "can get to the Imperial in five minutes" thing pretty strongly on Sunday and Monday: That there is Thai-Hoa Le (or, as credited, L...

The Fantasia Daily, 2012.12 (30 July 2012): Blood Letter, Love Strikes!, and Schoolgirl Apocalypse.

By: Jay's Movie Blog


First day of working half-days while hitting the festival dans la nuit. Since I can no longer use my work computer for personal stuff without forfeiting what I do (though what my employers would do with the copyright to a bunch of movie reviews, I c...

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